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13 hours ago

Melanie T.

Hello Jacqueline! I just wanted to pop by and thank you for answering my most recent post about brushes and foundation coverage. I took your advice and invested in a flat paddle makeup brush, tried the Bare minerals foundation (along with my other sheer foundations) again and loved it so much! I was so surprised at the coverage I got using that brush, thank you again!

11 hours ago

Jacqueline H.

You are very welcome Melanie, and I'm glad you got the results that you wanted. :)

3 days ago

Sandra C.

Thanks sensei!(: I REALLY love the Powder. I haven't used my beloved RCMA no color powder since I got that one. Will do, They're Beautiful Shades She Has Going on. So Far I Hear They Do crease.

3 days ago

Jacqueline H.

I'm glad you love the CT powder. That stuff is straight magic powder. :)

4 days ago

Sandra C.

Hey Sensei! I have a quick question, I have Charlotte Tilbury's eyes to mesmerize in my cart and I was wondering what you think about them?

4 days ago

Jacqueline H.

TBH, I haven't tried them. I have purchased a number of her products; eye shadow palettes, lipstick, gloss, Bronze and glow, Finishing powder, etc... and I can honestly say that the only product of hers that I truly like is her Finishing powder. I honesty don't get the hype of her products. If you try the eyes to mesmerize, please let me know what you think. ;)

4 days ago

Jacqlyn W.

That makes sense. I did actually go in today and the bristles of the full coverage brush were not what I was imagining. I thought it would be super soft but eh. I trust your opinion, and since you're the brush queen, I'll stay away and spend my money on better brushes.

I got a sample of the stick foundation and it seems pretty thick. Should I use my fingers to blend it? Sorry, so many questions are being thrown at you! I'll also definitely be purchasing that 3 in one Creme. I have seen you suggest it and whoever has tried it says they love it.

I keep forgetting about Lorac. Hm! I'll have to take a look. (: Thank you for answering my questions!

4 days ago

Jacqueline H.

With her stick foundation, I usually apply it with a sponge and then use a flat top to buff it out. It's a lot more lightweight than one would think. :) I haven't tried the 3 in one creme, but another one I think is worth trying out is OCC's Tint...Surprisingly great coverage capability, great for dry skin.. and a pretty skin like finish. :)

5 days ago

Jacqlyn W.

Hello Miss Jacqueline! Long time, no talk! Hope all is well. (:

I have a few questions regarding makeup, of course!

1. How are Bobbi Brown brushes? I have just gotten the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual book and the brushes that I see in the book look really nice. There is a Bobbi Brown makeup stand in the Boston Store at my mall, but I'm not sure if they sell the brushes there since I don't go there often. Just in case, I'd thought I'd ask you on their performance and what not before buying any. That leads me to my next question..

2. Any favorites from Bobbi Brown? Shadows, lip products, anything!

3. What do you recommend for primer? I use the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro but it has been making me dry lately. I tried the MUFE hydrating primer sample, and I broke out. It's hard for me to try products anymore because I just break out so I am wondering if there are any moisturizing primers you love. Price doesn't matter, especially since it's going on my face.

4. Any brow products you absolutely adore? I like the Dipbrow by Anastasia Beverly Hills but I want to branch out and try more things. Again, price isn't an issue!

4 days ago

Jacqueline H.

Hi Jacqlyn;

How are Bobbi Brown brushes?

Meh... Her brushes aren't anything special in my opinion. Pretty standard shapes, mediocre mid grade bristle and finish. Very overpriced for what you get, You're paying for her name stamped on the handles of her brushes. Not a fan of her brushes,but that's just me.

Any favorites from Bobbi Brown? Shadows, lip products, anything!

Her shadows are nice. I love love her shimmer bricks, and her foundations.

What do you recommend for primer?

For dry skin, I use Embryolisse's Lait Creme Concentre. It's three products in one: a primer, moisturizer, and makeup remover.

Any brow products you absolutely adore? I like the Dipbrow by Anastasia Beverly Hills but I want to branch out and try more things. Again, price isn't an issue!

I'm one of the rare people that just doesn't care for the dipbrow,or at least the way people use it. When it comes to brows, I'm old school...I'm a simple brow pencil and spoolie girl. Brow powder wise, I really do like the Lorac Take a brow kits. :)

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