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Dec 04, 2013

Tamarei H.

Hi Pamela what's your email? This is the lady post you comment about private label. Thanks

Dec 06, 2013

Pamela W.

Hey I don't know if you saw my message on your post. My email address is

Jul 22, 2013

Taijha M.

Hi Pamela! Just wanted to say that I really love your makeup, and that I'm inspired by your boldness! Like a gem 😊

Jul 22, 2013

Pamela W.

Hey Taijha! Thank you soo much. I had to learn to be bold.

Jul 20, 2013

Tealy A.

Love love love your makeup looks!

Jul 20, 2013

Pamela W.

Thank you!!

Jul 13, 2013

Akhilaa R.

Hey I need your advice! I'm going to buy a bb cream and primer for the first you know of any brands that will be available in India? Also not very expensive ones please..

Jul 14, 2013

Pamela W.

Sorry for the late reply. I had to do a bit of research for you because as you know, I live in the states. Maybelline has a bb creams that people seem to like. It's called Clear Glow Shine Free-Clear BB cream. It's in a stick form and a liquid form. Also there's another company called Deborah Milano you may want to check out. I don't know how much her products called but she's in all the top 10 choices for bb creams in India. I hope this helps you hun!! Good LUCK!!

Hi, I'm here to help you on your cut crease. I was looking at your pictures and you have wait idyl eyes! And your work is Ah-Mazing, to say the least. I was was looking at your eyes and I kind of understand what you mean about your eyes outer crease. When you cut crease do keep your eye open or closed? If you keep your eye open while drawing your new crease it will help with what you're asking. I always do it with my eye open. Practice is all it takes really. Maybe even different techniques. Hopefully this helps. And if you need more info don't hesitate to ask. If you have a Skype we can Skype and I can walk you through it.

Jul 11, 2013

Pamela W.

Oh Gosh Thank You!! What does idyl stand for. I'm so lost. LOL.

When I do my cut crease I keep my eyes open. My left eye is easier to do but when I get to my right eye (were the droopy lid is) it gets messed up. I have to keep practicing because cut creases to me are so freakin beautiful and edgy.

Jul 11, 2013

Diggie G.

That was auto correct boo. Lol I meant to say really nice. Cut creases are tricky because we all have different eye shapes and sometimes cut creases don't go with everybody. But I saw a picture of one I think and it looked good. Keep practicing boo. You'll look gorgeous

Jul 11, 2013

Pamela W.

LMAO!! Cool I thought I was completely out of the lingo. Oh yea that was a good picture of it because lordy in person it was a hot mess. Thanks Hun!!

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I love everything fashion from clothes, to hair, to make-up, to nails. I am new to make-up and learning more and more everyday thanks to you ladies and some on youtube. Hopefully as my knowledge grows in make-up I can share it with other beginners.
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