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Comparable in Quality to Urban Decay & Kat Von D Eyeshadows

This caught my eye because the color selection is very similar to Kat Von D's True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Ludwig, which also contains neutrals and wearable greens in matte and shimmer finishes, but costs 8 times more!

The WnW is a great starter palette, because the shades are wearable, the pigmentation is stellar, the texture is soft and silky and not overly powdery, and one of the definer shades is an unusual brown with aqua/green reflective shimmer, which the Kat Von D palette does NOT have and is very similar in shade and sheen to Urban Decay's Lounge eyeshadow single. The WnW Comfort Zone palette is also versatile in that you can choose for a subtle natural daytime look with 2 or 3 of the shades, add a pop of green color for something a little off-beat, or create a dramatic, smokey, night time look.

Cheap and sub-standard packaging design aside, the only thing that keeps this palette from being perfect is that the green eyelid shade does not have great wear time; it does fade into a neutral color after about 3 hours of wear, even with primer. Otherwise, this $5 palette is a gem!

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Pigmented, easy to blend, but too soft?

I absolutely LOVE WnW & think they are one of the best drugstore brands out there. They keep improving their products and it's a real pleasure to get MU for under $5 nowadays. I own Comfort Zone, Petal Pusher, & Blue Had Me At Hello. My favorite is BHMAH and my least is Petal Pusher. With all of them you get 8 highly pigmented, shimmer colors. They blend easy and look great when applied wet. I only have 2 gripes with WnW; their shadows and blushes are TOO SOFT & they need more matte colors,( that aren't chalky.) From what I've heard they have listened to the beauty community and we should be seeing more matte! I definitely rec. these to anyone whether you're a beginner or an experienced MUA. Plus, for the price you have to at least try them!

Have them all

LOVE THEM!!!! They are full of pigment and they have step by step if your not savvy with applying eyeshadows and you can mix and match colors for different looks And the price point are amazing for the great pigmentation you get.. LoVe ThEm!

Great buy

Even if you aren't planning on using these daily, they're still an amazing buy. You get 8 shadows for $4.99 (Price at my cvs) and they're incredibly pigmented for a drugstore eyeshadow. When I first got mine, of course I dug my brush into it, trying to get as much shadow as I could because I didn't expect it to have a lot of color, but whoa, was I wrong. I actually needed to clean off my brush and try again with less shadow xD
They're great to have laying around, and some of the colors included are truly unique! Especially for a drugstore find! These palettes give you everything you need to be neutral, dramatic, smokey, or just playful. Extremely versatile!

~beautiful colors~

This collection is amazing! The shades are very pigmented and bold. They are silky smooth and so blendable. There are many different looks you can get out of the collection, wether it may be a day look or an evening look it can be accomplished with these shades. It is also good for beginners as well as advanced make up lovers. The back of these palettes have different number sequences so the user can create different looks without really even trying, it's sorta like paint by numbers! I would defently recommend adding this palette to you collection as well as the others.

Great pigmentation but limited in finish

I’m a fan of wnw pressed eyeshadows so I had to get these palettes. Most of the shadows in the palette are incredibly pigmented. There are a couple eyeshadows, however, that aren’t as pigmented but still work incredibly well. I love the clear plastic top so it’s incredibly easy to see the colors, There are suggestions for placement on the back as well as placement suggestions stamped onto the shadows. There is little variety in finish within each of the palettes: Blue Had Me At Hello, Comfort Zone, and Petal Pusher. Thus, I’m forced to pull out other eyeshadows to complete an eye look. Towards the end of the year, there was the release of the limited edition I heart Matte palette.

If I had to choose between the 6 and 8 pan palettes, I’d gravitate towards the 6 because I don’t need to grab other shadows to complete an eye look like I need to with the 8. Still, these are fantastic shadows when you consider the $4.99 per palette price tag.

A good surprise

I got this palette in Petal Pusher. I was nicely surprised at how nice these colours looked on me and how well these colours were to build. I especially liked the purple side of the palette, it made a great coloured eye for me.
The packaging is a bit cheap but it does comes with a clear cover so that you can see all the colours in it while you store it with the rest of your makeup collection.
This is very creamy and pigmented shades. I find that these shades are easy to blend and great for mixing and matching.
I did accidentally drop this palette on my tiled bathroom floor and it did break a couple of the colours. I guess because the colours are so creamy and smooth it is looser so I would be more careful with it.
This palette was a GREAT price, the colours are fun so this is something that I would definately recommend and I think I will also go back and get the other shades as well if I can get my hands on it.


These are the best Eyeshadows at the drugstore. Hands down. And they're so inexpensive!! I love all of the different palettes, but this is my most used because I'm a huge neutral lover. They are so pigmented, soft, and long wearing. I LOVE THEM!

Great product for all skin tones

I would recommend this product for all skin tones because if you have darker skin you can use the darker shades and if lighter the shades on the top. All of the colors are very pigmented and nice, one of my only issues with this product is that the last to colors on the left are VERY similar and I can't see a difference on the eyes. My favorite shade(s) are the second an third color to the right, they look so beautiful together and are both beautiful on their own.

Very versatile , and easy on your wallet!

I have the three 8 pan palettes available year round, plus many LE palettes, and quite frankly I love them. They are 4.99$ at my local drugstore, and they are , IMO, comparable to higher end products! The pigment is amazing, but there is some fallout with application. However, for the price, this is an amazing drugstore find! All three palettes are so versatile, you could only own one and still make a new look every day of the week! One for WNW!