Victoria's Secret

Pink Soft & Dreamy


Taylor B.
im amazed

I absoluty love this sent i only have too spary it a few times to get it too last all day and through out the day i dont have too spary is again and when i get out of the shower its perfect to spary on after i feel fesh and clean and smell amazing;)

Tamara N.
Great for everyday

This scent is just how I like it, sweet, sugary and candy scented. However, it is a very light fragrence. You can spray as much as you want and not be too overwhelmed. I personally prefer the Body mist (just because!), but all in all it is a great product.

KristaLynn K.

Mmm.. just go out and try it if you love Vanilla. It smells delicious. My ex always said this was his favorite perfume that I wore. I sprayed it all over the teddy bear I gave him and he would sit there and smell it :p Definitely reccommended for vanilla lovers.