Victoria's Secret

Fantasies Pure Seduction


Its a fruity scent but smells more like bubblegum to me. Great splash on at the beach but not everyday wear. Very versitle though, and can be worn by anyone. Very flirty and girly scent

Can you say WOW??

I got it last summer and I love it!!!! I don't really use it now, but for spring-summer is perf!!!! It's not a super sweet body mist but it smells amazingly, it's not bubblegum for sure!!!! It's kind of a citric strawberries really refreshing smell!! Plus the body cream is also fab!! Hope this helped ;)

I gone through so many of these

I love it and it's the perfect scent. It's so light and pretty and I don't feel like it just rubs off it stays with me all day! It's a perfect everyday perfume

all time favorite scent from VS!

MY FAVORITE SCENT EVER whenever I go shopping at VS I always always always get this its so fruity yet its strong but then it always sweet but with a kick its just perfect. I higly highly recommend this especially since the semi annual sale is coming up

my mom bought it for me, and even when she has such a different taste from mine, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS SPLASH! The only bad thing I found about it's that it doesn't lasts too long. maybe because it's just a splash

... because it's worth it.

Trust me when I say, this has to be the best I've ever smelt - and I didn't even buy it myself! This birthday present is my favorite to date. It's fruity yet floral, it's flirty yet sweet, sexy yet absolutely divine - it's like the best of both worlds. Incredible fragrance worth every cent.

However, it may not stay on for too long (or my BO over-powers it, lol) but, whatever may the case be, I recommend it to anyone and everyone. I may as well buy the entire collection!


This is my favorite scent from the fantasies line. It smells so good. I have the whole set and I love it to death. I totally recommend this to people who love sweet and fruity smells.

So delicious!

My all time favorite from the secret fantasies line! So sweet and fruity. The smell is just so delicious. I only took off half a star because the scent doesn't seem to stay on me long. I love it to death, but my skin just burns through the fragrance. I love a refreshing spray of it through out my day though anyways!


Guys have complemented this on me numerous amounts of times. It's perfect and smells like a dream. I have the whole lotion/body spray/shower gel set. Totally worth having to buy new ones all the time, I love it.

Love this Perfume

This is My 1st Favorite of all time. I love the smell. You guys should try it. I've been using this perfume for 4 years & still love it <3