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Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner



I seriously love these eyeliners! I have owned several colors (purple, teal, bronze, iridescent) for years and recently started using them again because I've been feeling glittery! I absolutely love them, and like other users have said, they stay on all day. I like to use them over eyeliner or above my eyeliner. I have also used it under my lower lashes for some serious glitter. It's really easy to apply and because the glitter is suspended in a clear formula, so it doesn't really show "mistakes." I usually apply it and let it set for a couple of minutes with my eyes closed or partially closed so it doesn't transfer to the upper part of my eyelid. After that, it stays put and offers a dose of sparkle all day. I have gotten at least one compliment every time I've worn it!


LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It stays all day, and doesnt smudge. I use it with pink eyeshadow and use it along my black eyeliner on the bottom. I think because of how well it works and stays I will be buying more colors!

Really Fun and Funky Liner

I love this product by Urban Decay. Stagedive is a bright, teal glitter liner. As one of you gals mentioned, the glitter is nicely suspended in the clear gel base. I love the liner brush as well, because its a thin brush that tapers at the end-so its guaranteed to provide precision when drawing lines. It does take a few swipes to build up the product and equally distribute the glitter on the lash line. If you're a perfectionist you can build the line up and get every speck of glitter in place, or be a little messy and carefree. I also like to pair Stagedive with a black liquid liner, for a funky fresh cat eye. I usually apply the cat eye liner on the outer third of my eye, and the glitter, on my inner eye or just layer it over a black cat eye on my top lash line, for a two toned effect. Believe it or not, the glitter liner looks great as is with some bold, black lashes- falsies or just your own! Great product and I wouldn't mind owning the whole collection!

love that it lasts but it burns

I love how it lasts but no matter how careful I am the clear liquid always gets in my eyes and burns like hell! Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands.

Awesome Possums!

This is such a versatile glitter eye liner shade! If you like other brands of liquid glitter eye liners, this one is about to become your favorite. It is the same price as Too Faced's Starry Eyes Glitter Liners, but is much bigger and the brush is better quality.

Love this liner! It's fun and funky, it can be worn with a really simple eye makeup or with a dramatic eye, the best part? Hello! It stays put all day and none of it ends up in your eyes!

Pretty Good!

This eyeliner is pretty good. It has a nice thin brush, but you really have to build it up if you want a glittery look. I have the Midnight Cowboy, which is gold glitter, and it goes great with a smokey eye! It is a bit on the pricey side, but the overall quality of it is worth every penny. I would definitely recommend this!

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love the shade

This liner was $20 at Ulta, I love how it looks on but you have to really build it up to get good payoff. I applied three coats. Spandex is a blusey-purple-green. I think it would look cool over a black or dark liquid liner. I was expecting better color payoff for the price. It dries fairly quick and does not flake. If you love glitter as much as me, I say get it


I dont care for this product, honestly. Baked was given to me by a friend and I use it every once in a while but its really nothing special. I would never pay full price for this because other brands make glitter with a clear base for half the price. This product disappointed me and I do not recommend it.

Honestly, it seems like all other glitter liners that I have tried. There's nothing aside from UD's name that would account for the price since the formula seems very similar to NYX, Wet n Wild, etc. The color, distortion, is nice because you can put it over the top of darker liners to add shimmer. I think I got this as part of a set, which offset the cost a bit, otherwise I would never have paid full price for it.