Slant Tweezers - Assorted Colors


My Eyebrow Life Has OFFICIALLY Been Made!

I finally ordered my first pair of Tweezerman tweezers during Black Friday, after having my eye on these for months. I have recently been into really doing my brows and making them look nice and I felt that I needed a great pair of tweezers to help me out. From my first time trying them, I fell in love. The tweezers make it really easy to get unwanted hair away from your brows and don't hurt as much as other tweezers I've used. So far, I have used these tweezers on myself and family, and it makes the job of shaping brows so much easier. I would definitely recommend these to anyone; I've read so many reviews of these tweezers lasting years. At only $20, it's a relatively cheap investment to make on something that will last you years and can be sharpened by the company for a lifetime. I love these tweezers and will only use these for the rest of my brow life.

Pluck a way

I love these tweezers so much that when I recently moved and lost my purple pair, I ran to Sally's and bought me some pink one's. Sadly they didn't have the purple one's anymore :( So if you want tweezers that work extremely well time after time, buy these.

Teeny tiny hairs that are insanely hard to pluck? No problem!

A few months back I purchased the mini Tweezerman tweezer and honestly, I was not impressed. It looked adorable but it really didn't do a good job at plucking at anything (and gave my hand a cramp). Just yesterday my Sephora order came in and I purchased the normal Tweezerman Tweezer in pink. Where have these Tweezers been all my life?! I was able to clean up my brows super quick, grabbing onto the tiniest and thinest of hairs. You don't need to squeeze down on the tweezers much at all so plucking is a breeze on your hand. Total win and if these ever dull, I will repurchase them in a heart beat!

What's the big deal?

These were great, until they started going blunt within a couple of months. Apparently you can send them off for sharpening, but I never got round to the hassle of doing so. And then one day, they just stopped working - they wouldn't grab anything at all. There's not a visible gap between the blades, so I'm totally mystified - but there's enough drama in my life without expensive, temperamental tweezers so I'm back to the standard kind that are cheap to replace.


Anything by tweezer men is great quality. That's what they are in the business for. It surprises me why people still buy other products. But I have tried time and time again. This is always my go back to tweezer. I have great natural eye brows, I just like to clean up around them.


My mom randomly gave me a pair of these in elementary school and ever since I've started grooming my eyebrows, this is THE tool I use! In fact, I was privileged to not know what a bad tweezer was until I shaped a friend's eyebrows with her pair. Yikes. I'll stick with my Tweezerman. :] Thanks mom!

Best tweezers EVER!

I've had mine for about two years now and they're still sharp. These are very precise and work great. I use to wax my eyebrows but now i just do it at home with tweezerman.

I love the tweezerman slant tweezer, but the paint will peel and bubble up if you are a professional and put them in marvicide or barbicide. : ( Darn I wanted some cute tweezers!

There is no other : )

I LOVE these tweezers. These are the only tweexer that I can depend on to do the job. Any other tweezer I will be forever trying to attack 1 HAIR! lol. When I can't find them I go bananas lol.


I never really understood the big fuss about tweezers, they just pluck hair? I was wrong. These tweezers are the best I have used. They're sharpe and get the job done faster and even tackle the little hairs that like to hang around. Very impressed.