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White Musk Eau de Parfum


Kinda' strong on the first spritz but it lasts all day and smells delightful. Gives an instant pick-me-up and you can't help but feel like a lady, gorgeous and fresh in the city. Will definitely repurchase. P.S. Got this from my grandma


I've been wearing this perfume for years. I have all the lotions as well. Every guy I've ever dated says I smell like no other girl :) Must be a "mature" scent.

Adore, My signature secent for yers

I absolutely love this fragrance, I used it for years as my signature scent, I've moved on, just because I've needed a change, but I always seem to return to it when I get bored with my curant choices.


This brings back so many memories and I love it. The smell reminds me of my favorite third grade teacher. I always "wanted" the same perfume she wore and this is the closest smell. When I smell of it or wear it, it gives me a sense of comfort. It isn't for everyone but I love it. *give it a chance to set it*