Dura Pro Palette

Dura Pro Palettes are triple poured with our renowned Dura liquid formula -- an industry favorite for body art, prosthetics, and special makeup effects for over twenty-five years. Developed to withstand even the most extreme conditions, these concentrated pigments are ideal for creating a variety of effects.

We've revamped our entire line to ensure our Pro Palettes as a must-have for every makeup artist's kit. In addition to our full range of classic colors, we've incorporated over twenty new and updated shades to meet the professional's every need: every shade of skin, new bloods and bruises, dead-on colors.

Colors activate instantly with our Alcohol 99 (or 99% alcohol). Achieve a richer consistency by activating the palette with the corresponding Dura liquid, available in ten-pack Starter and Pro sets to match Pro Palettes.


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James C.
James C.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Fair-Medium; Oily, Combination

Hair: Blonde; Normal


Much more economical and practical for long film shoots, I used this as part of a zombie shoot and love the consistency of the product. Practicality speaking this is a great resource for video and film work.


Oct 09, 2013

Milene M.

Hi James, do you have any tips for working with this product? I've had great success using it for injuries, zombie makeups, and aging (veins, mottling etc). What I haven't been able to master is using it for free hand tattooing. I find that I can't get it to an opaque consistency so it doesn't bleed into the fine lines of the skin. Or I get much of it trapped in the brush. Would greatly appreciate any tips for this. Perhaps I'm not using the right type of brush?