Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation


One of the best!!!!

I saw this foundation being applied to a model's face while tarte was having a sale on QVC. It was amazing how it transformed the model's face and it convinced me to try it. It came with its own brush which helps to achieve the "air brushed" look. Using the brush that came with the foundation, I found that application was easy and quick. I am a foundation/BB cream junkie and I find that this foundation is definitely one of the best foundations out there! It has medium to full coverage and does last at least 12 hours. I have an oily T-zone and I did not have to blot my face at all while I wore this foundation. I recommend it!


I've been using this foundation for about a week now, and I've got the hang of applying it so that it works well for me. It is quite thick, but when applied sparsely with a sponge or a foundation brush, it provides a ton of coverage/evenness and gives my skin a nice matte look as well. I can definitely see how over-applying this even by a little would throw a wrench in the gears, though. The key thing to remember here is that a little goes a looooooong way! Also I notice that like a lot of foundations, it doesn't agree much with dry skin and might enhance flakeage. Not too much of a problem for me right now, but I can see how it could be a hassle to others. On the bright side, the variety in colors means I was able to find a really nice match for my skin!

Matte finish, whipped meets liquid consistency, lightweight!!

First off this product does run on the light side. I'm not sure if that has to do with the ingredients used or not. Typically I would reach for medium but when I swatched this at Ulta, it was much too light. The product consistency is if a whipped foundation and liquid morphed itself together. Light & airy, but has a denser consistency than a whipped alone I think. I think this product is GREAT! I purchased this when it was 100+ degrees outside and my face did not feel covered in makeup and did not melt and settle into areas, as some other full coverage foundations do. I used the Sedona Lace 520 brush to apply this as well as Tarte's Full Buki brush or whatever it's called. Both ways allow it to apply effortlessly. I have not used my fingers or sponge to apply so I'm no help there. If you are considering purchasing this, I would recommend you 1) swatch it first 2) buy it from QVC.com so you can get the brush & the foundation for $40 + shipping. You will pay $40 for the foundation anyways!

Miracle Worker

I don't want to sound dramatic but I have never found a foundation as wonderful as this! It really does cover everything, my old acne scars, my new acne scars, my plain old active acne..... Its great! Doesn't look thick or cake and stays moist without looking greasy.. Its my new favorite.. Love Love Love


I wanted to like this foundation but it just isn't a great color match. If you're on the darker end I would probably pass this up, there are really only 2 shades that even come close to our skin tone range, even then, you have to take into consideration undertones. I tried deep and while it looked okay for a few minutes, it quickly turned red and orange on me, definitely not for the yellow undertone folks. The feel is very lightweight and smooth, looks flawless on the skin but it isn't full coverage, maybe medium at best if you build.


This is the best foundation I ever had. It is lightweight and full coverage, a win/win for me. I could wear this without concealer, and I have acne and blemish.


I have been on the hunt for new foundations and I recently decided to try this out. I stepped out of my comfort zone with this ones because I really don't go for matte looks. The difference with this and many other matte foundations is that this Is not 100% matte. Which I love. The only way this looks flawless on my skin is if it is applied the day I exfoliate. It is definitely one of those foundations that cling to dry patches, acne ETC.... When applied though often exfoliating I get flawless results.

worst product ever

I purchased this in hopes of finding a new foundation, however I hate it. The second I put it on it looks awful, it doesn't go onto my face it just sits there and looks sandy and gross looking. I am severely disappointed

One of the Best

Lightweight, great blendability, and amazing coverage that will last throughout the day. It has an almost primer-like formulation, and gives a satin to matte finish. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin and it didn't irritate my skin, which is amazing since I have extremely sensitive skin. Like any other foundations, this does accentuate the dry patches and fine lines on the skin. Amazing shade selection. Overall, I would recommend this product.

Great coverage, perfect match

I got this while at sephora looking for new makeup. A friend and I got the free mini makeover trying to look for a full coverage foundation and tried out the tarte foundation and can I just say it's amazing! It covers so well without caking and last for a long time, 12 hours just like it said! It matches both of our skin tones perfectly and it's hard to find a match for my skin. I recommend this completely it is the best foundation I have ever used