Sonia Kashuk

Flat Blusher Brush


love this brush

this brush is so good to blend your foundation, and also for blushes and even contour, this is the only brush i have for sonia kashuk but i love it and hope to get more, this brush to me gives my foundation an airbrush finish. hope this helps, -elizabeth-

love love love.

this is one of the first brushes i have ever bought and i still use it to apply foundation. it gives me that airbrush look and it buffs out makeup really well. i washed it a bunch of times and it hasn't shed one single hair and its soooo sooo soft. it does take a while to dry tho so its good to let it dry overnight.


This brush is perfection.
I have been using it for my foundation every day for about three weeks and I love it!!! The bristles are SO soft and it gives me great coverage! I love the shape of the brush handle, the length of the bristles and the overall density of the brush! In short, it makes my skin look flawless!!! Such a great find!!!! <3

Love This.<3

First of let me start of by saying that i never used this brush for blush, instead Ive been using this S.Kashuk brush to apply my liquid foundation. It gives an airbrush look to my face. No Streaks! The Brush Handle Is Very Elegant, I just love this brush!

Great, Dense, Flat Top Kabuki Style brush

I got this brush to use as a back-up for my elf studio line powder brush, and it was recommended to me through the talk section here. Which was smart seeing as how my powder brush fell off the handle and ferrule, but that's besides the point. I've been meaning to use this with a creme blush I have, and I know its sort of designed to be a "blusher" brush, but I find it works great for liquid foundation in a snap. It is soo dense and the bundle is sort of small in circumference so it does take a little more time and patience to buff it all over the face- but the effect once finished is great. I will say since the bundle is so dense I've had trouble deep cleaning it with hand soap and Dr. Bronners. I just used some Baby Shampoo today, and that seems to have done the trick- fingers crossed. All in all I can't wait to play with it more, because as shown below it has MANY different uses. Just another one of SK's awesome brushes!

I love this brush! I use it to put blush on my cheekbones and then I use a big powder brush to blend it in. Its great for contouring!

A Universal Makeup Brush!!!

I've had the Sonia Kashuk flat top brush for well over a year. It has never shedded, and after a quick wash it looks just as good as when I first bought it!

Initially I used this brush to apply foundation and buff it in. It did very well, although, due to the shape, using it as a buffer was a little odd to maneuver around my face. Then I used it to apply powder to my under eyes and T-zone. Working very well to work into the pores. Now I use the brush for bronzer (great for contouring cheekbones) and blush! I don't think I'll be straying away from using it as a blush/bronzer applicator anytime soon, but it's good to know that this brush is so versatile and long lasting!

Definitely worth the money spent! <3

My Favorite Brush

this is my absolute favorite foundation brush, great for liquid and creme products. i love the look it gives and on top of that the brush is absolutely gorgeous a glittery handle and sonia's signature on it...lovely :]

S.K. Flat Brush

This tool is great for applying liquid and cream makeup. In circular motions its best but stippling is also effective.
The handle is well designed to ensure a good grip. I have not experienced any shedding with the 2 that I own. It's worth having more than one.

So far so good

I use this brush with liquid foundation, I like to wet the brush. I like the brush, I found it a little hard to get each side of my face even because the brush is small, but I still like it. I would recommend the brush to someone that likes an air brushed or light coverage using a full coverage foundation. Dip and dab dip and dab!