Sigma Makeup

Large Angled Contour - F40


I Always Use This!

Never will there be a day when I do my makeup and I don't use my F40. It's just a great size for contouring my face and it's super soft too! You can use it for blush but I just prefer this brush for contouring.

Major Multitasker!

I love this brush so much! It's so soft and can be used for a large amount of things! I use it often for higlight because it's a no brainer size (at least for my cheek bones). And I also use it for contouring because the angle is nice (not to severe but enough to get the nice defined look). And it doesn't shed at all!

Destiny G.'s Review Image
L O V I N G!!

This is one of my fave brushes! I use it all the time! GREAT for contouring and applying blush!! I love the brand!

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This is perfect for contouring, i cant really explain it. Good to apply blush with. And very soft. I use it pointing the brush horizontally. And love the application.

Best brush

I love this brush. This brush is used daily in my rountine. I love to contor cheeks and face. I was going to buy the MAC verison but why borther when I have a perfect for fraction of the price.