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Waterproof Smoky Cream Liner


I've only been using gel liner for about a year and a half and I found that because I used it every day, sometimes more than once, it could get a bit expensive. I tried one liner from Target that was $18 (I don't even remember the brand) and it was terrible. It dried out after two months and the black varied in the thickness. Then, I tried MAC's Fluidline, which was $15 and worked really well. It didn't dry out and gave me exactly what I was looking for. However, it was still a bit expensive. I then tried an $8 drugstore liner that was terrible and dried out in less than a month. I found Sephora's cream liner and went nuts for it! It's only $10, doesn't dry out, goes on smoothly, and gives great color. Love this product.

I love this liner!

I had been looking for a black waterproof gel liner forever and finally one day it dawned on me that i never checked Sephora. I walked inside and found this and fell in love the minute I tried it on. I don't understand the reviews with people having smudging for creasing or left eye has always given me trouble with liner, especially in the lover corner because I have a little extra indention on that eye and it says put. I never have to touch it up, once its on, its on. Maybe because I use two primers with my eye makeup also but I love this stuff. Gives me the best cat eye and super winged liner. Love this stuff, for ten bucks its a god send.


I use this in the black color every day. Its my go-to black gel liner for my top lid. I do a wing every day and this liner is very creamy and smooth. Its water proof so it doesn't smear or fade through out the day. At only $10 its a real deal! :]

Pretty, but fades quickly

It's a lot for such a little price . I've noticed that after a while, it starts to fade, but maybe it's just me? I don't know, but I like it ^_^

Almost perfect

In general, I love this. It was thick and creamy when I bought it, and in 2 years, it's only gotten a little bit stickier. Also, I've had it for 2 years, so $10 was a great investment! The finish is satiny and smooth and yes, can be smoky. BUT. I've noticed that if I put on primer, then nude shadow, then this, and walk out the door on a humid day, it will be in my creases within 3 or 4 hours. I have oily eyelids, but they're not THAT oily. But again, for $10...a great investment.

I like it because it goes on smoothly, but before I am even out the door, it is running on the outer corner of my my, making my cat eye more like a lopsided blind cat eye. Not so cool.

I hated this. I only used it to do a winged eyeliner look and it irritated my eyes so badly. They were bloodshot and watering as if I was crying.


I really LOVE this liner... I bought it in a turqouise color and paired it with a really cute fuschia colored lipstick. It lasted all night and I didn't even have to touch it up. Will definitely buy again in another color :0)

It grew on me

Initially, I was unimpressed with this liner. It doesn't go on as smoothly as some of my other cream liners and it didn't last very long. When I applied it with multiple strokes of the product across my lashline it did last longer, but that made it smudge more.

While I like it now, it did take several uses for me to get to this point. Not sure if I'd buy it again.

I have this in three colors (green, purple, and basic black) and absolutely love it! I apply it with a thin pointed liner brush (the Sephora #17) to my upper lashline and waterline, and it stays until I remove it.