Sally Hansen

Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color


Colours are so opaque!

I love a good nail polish that does NOT need three or four coats to look really opaque ( also because I am lazy when it comes to drying time)

These polishes are amazing in that they are really fast to try, and they go on super thick!!

Nothing to complain about...

I like this polish.
But it needs a top coat. No doubt about it.
I love fast dry nailpolish.
As my skills have improved, so has my patience, so I can do without fast dry,
but I secretly cry inside when I use a polish that isnt quick dry.
So I love this polish for that.
The brush is wide, which I love because you can do the whole nail in one swipe, almost...
It does tend to have product drip down the brush because of its width, assuming it makes wiping excess polish off a little trickier.
But you deal.
Its a decent price, dries fast, comes in nice colors, so I like it.
Just use a topcoat.

Great, but overpriced.

I love Sally Hansen polishes because their cheap but still great quality. It's not worth $4 a bottle though. I personally think that the brush is too big, (it was made so big so that you can do your nails in one stroke) but the problem with that is, you can so easily get polish all over your skin and it looks messy. Then, it defeats the purpose of saving time because now you have to clean up around your nails. Also, whenever you do nail art, I find that it smudges really easily when you aply your top coat. And, when the polish is about half way gone, it gets EXTREMELY thick and gross and basicly you have to throw it away. So, with all that said, I don't recommend this line of polishes because of poor quality.

Samantha C.'s Review Image
Go for Gold - YUCK!

I had four bottles of different gold polishes and I somehow chose this out of all of them. Mistake. Sure, it looks nice. It lasts long--too long. I used nail polish remover after a week of wearing it but was dismayed to find that I only managed to remove the gold coloring. I was left with a thick coat of silver polish that not even more acetone or a nail file could take off. I had to painstakingly scrape it off with the sharp edge of a tweezer. Damaged my nails in the process. This was not worth the $5.

Pretty Good

I bought this years ago and I still really like it. The color is a very bright melon, pink. It's very opaque with the first coat of polish. I always do two coats though-- just in case I miss a spot. It does dry quite fast. I wouldn't say instantly but it does dry within two or three minutes. The second coat takes a little longer though. I really love the brush too. It's the perfect size for my nail. I can do one swipe and I've covered pretty much the entire nail. I just have to go back in with the brush and make sure I cover them. The polish lasted quite a long time too. I used to never use a top or base coat and this polish would last about a full 7 days before major chipping would happen.

It definitely is insta-dry

The only thing I don't like about this is how many coats you need. Maybe it's just the shade I have, I don't know. They didn't have the color I have on here which is Ped(t)al Pusher. It also doesn't go on smoothly. You can see the itsy-bisty ridges in my nails when I apply this.


I have one called jade lump and quick sand. They take literly one or two strokes per nail to get on. The brush is a great size and the polish isn't too thin. It dries fast like it's supposed too and lasts me a couple days (which is great for me because I'm rough on my nail haha).

Love love love

I always love to use this nail polish I alway use the clear as a top coat for it is quick drying and makes the nail polish stay for weeks! All the colors only need one cost instead of multiple and it is very quick drying!


The brush was amazing. The blue color got into my nail some how ugh!! It wouldn't come off! It must have been just the blue.i did not like it at all.the thick brush was my favorite.

Clear coat is awful!

I got 110 "Clearly Quick" and tried using it as a top coat--don't! It takes off some of the polish and flakes quickly. The brush is amazing, wish all nail polishes had a shorter brush like this one. Too bad the brush is the only good part of this stuff!