Fine Hair Solutions Flat to Volume Shampoo


Amber K.

This shampoo makes my hair feel absolutely fabulous. I've gone from thin, light, brittle and dull hair to lovely bouncy hair with volume! Curls and waves now hold, and my hair shines like never before. If you're looking for a shampoo that will give volume and shine, this is most definitely the shampoo for you.

Lauren C.

i love pantene hair shampoo and conditioner...i do not use the "Flat to volume" but i use the "fine to medium" and the "Curly" line and the "color protection" one...i really love these shampoos, they are really lightweight, make your hair really soft, have a great smell, long lasting (the bottles are really large and a great amount), the product itself is very good..whenever using the curly shampoo by pantene my hair is super curly without being frizzy..i really love this product and recommend it to others, also its not overly expensive

Sammi W. Team
don't use this!

Ask your hairdresser, and s/he'll confirm that Pantene is like vaseline for your hair.. it doesn't fix the problems but merely fills in broken strands which is why your hair will feel so refreshed and smooth after... I've stopped using Pantene and haven't looked back.