Not Your Mother's

Clean Freak Dry Shampoo


Everything A Dry Shampoo Should Be!

I am (or was, really) searching for the best dry shampoo the drugstore could offer - I've used dry shampoos by Tresemme, Rockaholic, Dove, and even good ol' Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder and I can honestly say...NOTHING compares to Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo.
The texture of this spray-on shampoo is perfect (not too thick like Tresemme Fresh Start but not thinned out and weak like Dove Refresh+Care) and 1 bottle lasts an insanely long time. The scent is probably my favorite element about this dry shampoo - it is what I always imagine a dry shampoo would smell like: it's a bit sweet, citrus-y, and powdery all in one. My hair smells absolutely divine every time I use this dry shampoo and I would highly recommend this product to anyone searching for a quality dry shampoo that doesn't cost a fortune.

A Must Have

I LOVE this product. It's perfect for those "OMG, I woke up too late and don't have time to wash my hair!"

I have dark brown hair and have had problems with other (more expensive) brands that left my hair looking white and powered.

Clean Freak does an amazing job of disappearing in my hair while absorbing oil! It's the hair product I reach for the most.

Before Clean Freak, I used to wash my hair everyday because it would get so oily... now, I only have to wash it 3-4 times a week which has improved my hair condition! Thank you NYM for a great product! xoxo

The One and Only dry shampoo I'll ever use again!!

I had been on a search for a dry shampoo that A.) didn't make my hair feel nasty, coated, brittle, and tangly, B.) actually absorbed excess oil instead of just proofing it up ridiculously, and C.) wouldn't make me high from the saccharine, hairspray-ish scent (I'm looking at you, Big Sexy Hair). I tried the NYM on a whim, and boy, was I surprised.
First off, the smell. It smells like a rollick through the woods right after a rainstorm. No sticky salon scent here. Second, it actually absorbed the grease from my second-day hair!! Third, it adds loads of amazing volume and lift. I even use it on days when I wash my hair, just to give it some texture.
It does leave a bit of a white cast if you spray on too much, but that problem can easily be fixed by A.) not spraying on too much, or B.) combing through the hair really good.
I'm totally repurchasing this product without a doubt. :)

Not the greatest dry shampoo...

The first 2 times I used this stuff it made my hair so staticky that 90% of my hair stuck to the sides of my face and I had to tie it back to fix the issue. It sat under my bathroom counter until I went through both cans of my Batiste. I've used it quite a few times since, it's never made my hair staticky like when I first tried it, but it def does not work at absorbing oil like Batiste. My hair looks less greasy right after using, but in about half an hour it looks gross again, and it's easy to end up with powdery spots with this stuff. Overall I don't like this product and won't purchase again.

best dry shampoo ever.

I swear by this dry shampoo! I've tried other brands before, including batiste, but none seem to work as well as this one. it absorbs the oil perfectly!! as most dry shampoos leave a white residue, which you're supposed to rub in, this one blends perfectly! with other brands I've noticed the white stuff is so hard to blend out in my hair, but this stuff it's so easy! and I'm obsessed with the smell! definitely going to try out some of their other stuff.

I've had better...

I do not like this dry shampoo formula at all for my hair. I have it in the travel size, so I kept in in my purse for days where I started to need a freshener for my hair. It is honestly almost identical to baby powder and just makes it feel heavy. I would only recommend this dry shampoo for someone who has very thin hair.

There are so many better dry shampoos out there! Mine broke before the bottle was even finished ): Didn't give me nearly as much volume and oil relief as all of the other dry shampoos I've tried.

Works almost instantly

This product proved to be amazing. On days that I won't wash my hair, I spray this on the top and side roots of my hair and use my hands to shake the product to distribute it. Grease is magically gone in a matter of seconds. I definitely recommend this to other people.

Best Dry Shampoo

I rely on dry shampoo for my thin hair that gets greasy super easily! However, I've never wanted to spend a lot of money since I go through so many bottles. I've tried literally EVERYTHING I can find at the drugstore and this is my favorite! OF course, like every dry shampoo, it leaves white stuff in your hair. But, that is easily brushed out or easily absorbs in as you warm it with your hand. It also smells pretty good, not chemically like some of the others. I really love it and I would immediately recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable dry shampoo!

Best I've found so far

My stepmom has been getting me different dry shampoos to try because I have very oily hair that won't go a day without washing. I found it on sale at the store and thought to try it. I love it. I use it in the morning if I showered the night before just to refresh it.

The only down side is that I have to take a little longer to work in into my hair than I like but it's by far one of the best products I have in my bathroom.