Nicole by OPI

Kardashian Collection



I have several bottles of Nicole by OPI but this is the first time I buy a shade from the Kardashian collection. I am really not a fan of them and honestly try to stay away from anything thy endorse but as I was looking through the shades available ~Nothing Kim-Pares to Blue~ kept catching my eye. I am usually a huge fan of OPI so I thought ... what do I have to loose?!? I got home and went through my regular polish routine of buffing my nails, applying a basecoat and then proceeding with colour. In the photo I have 2 thick coats of polish and it still left bare streaks on my nails! This is not a transluscent shade, there is no reason for it to not cover properly. I added 2 more coats of polish today and finally got it to be opaque but it took 4 coats!!! That's ridiculous on a $10 bottle of polish!

Short life span

I loved this color unfortunately it broke when it fell from the top of my desk this has never happened to me before. This nail glitter went with every base color I through at it. I will make sure to get another one.

various colours - let down and over priced

My sister and I both own most of the Kardashian Kollection and I love the colours however the nail polish does not stay on your nail long at all. It was a let down for sure, nothing more sad then seeing your work chipping away the next day.

If you don't mind it chipping and doing touch ups often then I recommend it to you, the colours are fab.

What's the hype?

This is the first product that I've ever tried out from OPI. I'm not amused.
I have healthy, natural nails. Sometimes I use a base coat. I use Seche Vite top coat. I never use just ONE color, or brand, on my nails at a time. OPI's polish is ALWAYS the first to chip. The formula was thin and uneven. I really don't know what all the fuss is about. Maybe it is just my luck? I only have 3 OPI products. I love the colors. But, the quality is not worth the price tag.

I love Nicole polishes. They have the exact same quality as OPI, but for a lot cheaper. I've never actually tried the Kardashian ones, but I'm a big fan of Nicole colors, especially the glitters!

Rainbow in the S-Kylie and Have a Heart

The first, Rainbow in the S-Kylie, is a wonderful polish, easy to get on and, with a bit of work, easy to get off, looking beautiful with all the multicolored glitter and even thick enough that with more than one coat it should cover your nails completely.
The second, Have a Heart, is a bit harder to work with, but the red-pink heart-shaped glitter is worth it in my opinion. It needs more coats to get many hearts on and lots of tricks are needed to make it easier, but it's an absolutely gorgeous overcoat for pretty much any color.


I got "Follow Me On Glitter" and it was nice for a couple of days until it started to get old and chip off!!! and the brush is to big!!!!!

Dont even go there

I would have thought being OPI the quality would be guaranteed but I was so wrong. The varnish started to chip before the day even ended, and that was with my usual top coat which has never let me down. Grossly disappointed.


I think the color I got was spar-kyle or something and it was horrible. It chipped off after one day and I had to use at least 3 coats to get it to look like there were any sparkles on.

Becoming 1 Of My Fav Collections

I was kinda hesitant when i heada bout this collection just becuz im over the whole kardashian movement but I started out with 1 and now i have alomst the whole Kardashian Kollection lol! The color are so pretty and the formula is good too. My 2 favs are Back to Reality..TV and Disco Dolls.