Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Acne Scrub


Favorite scrub!

Ok well I've been using this for a couple weeks now and I love it. First of all, yes it smells wonderful, definitely a plus! The fact that it's pink makes it appealing to the eye. The micro beads are just right so that you can feel it cleansing your skin, but not at all abrasive. I have oily skin, so this stuff is great. I really feel like it's getting all the gunk out from my pores. It's also very refreshing and does indeed wake you up from morning drowsiness which I need!! It makes my skin soft and never feels dry. I even use the corresponding cream cleanser that I'm totally in love with as well! It's affordable and well worth the money. As for acne? Definitely helps mine. Before I started using this I had a pretty bad breakout along my jawline, and after one use, this cleared most of it overnight. I was utterly and pleasantly amazed. I'm glad this line has been working for me. I use this scrub every two days. Thank you Neutrogena!

Dont Like It-.-

It smells really good but it really makes my skin tight after I wash it off. Me and my brother have acne. For the both of us it made our skin burn and irritated after we used it. It wasnt the best I have tried:/

Works well, but not as a daily cleanser!

I had used this for a few weeks as a daily cleanser and it had my skin pretty raw. I still use it, but only about once a week. It definitely works super well, and just as all the products in the pink grapefruit line, it smells absolutely amazing, but be aware that it can be a bit too harsh on your skin if using it every day!

Don't follow directions to much..

I have had this exact product in my bathroom for awhile now.. I did as the directions say to do (Use twice daily) as in for a face wash. This is a really good product for the price of it, but I WOULD NOT use it twice a day! It's a micro-exfoliant so you need to only use it a few times a week. that probably explains why everyone is having problems with their skin drying out, flaking, or getting irritated. to much exfoliating can cause that. So best to use this as an exfoliator.. not a face wash. Hope this helps! :)

oh hell no.

this was a no no no no to the max! i tried this at first and it worked amazingly. i stopped using it for awhile, and i read somewhere that once you stop using this and start up again it makes your skin worse, well, that happened to me! my skin broke out so much more and became oilier. i used the leftover of this as a body scrub for my back acne and that worked so much better!

Not for sensitive skin!

The problem with this, to me, is this product has waaaayy too much alcohol in it. I felt like I could feel it sucking the moisture out of my skin as I used it....and my face was always really red after. My face felt like I'd taken a cotton ball and doused my face with rubbing alcohol. It also made me break out (imagine that) because I've got really sensitive skin. I normally use a facial scrub, but for some reason this one is super rough, so I'd only recommend this if you have VERY acne-prone skin.
It does smell pretty good (if you like grapefruit), but in my opinion it smells like a grapefruit that's being drowned in alcohol. Overall, I'd say give it a try if you've got a major problem with acne.

Good, but dries skin out.

I've found (like a lot of the other reviewers) that this product is nice, however it tends to dry my skin out, causing additional breakouts. Maybe people mistake their sensitive skin for oily/acne prone skin, when really you are just irritating it by using harsh scrubs and acids.

Take the advice the sweet little Russian lady at Clinique told me, "The skin on your face is the most important thing. You can skimp on the price of clothes, but you can't go cheap when it comes to what you're putting on your face."

After this chat, I switched to the Clinique face wash and scrub, as well as added the Redness Reducing lotion to my regimen, and my skin hasn't looked this great since I was in 10th grade!

Moral of my post: you get what you pay for. Cheap products deliver cheap results.


I love this. I have oily skin and I love the way it works on my skin. It smells great and is very affordable. Your skin will feel very clean and refreshed. I would recommend this to anyone with oily skin.


I bought this in the beginning of this past summer. The smell is very fruity and fun. I would wash my face with it once in the morning and once at night. My skin stayed VERY clear day after day (and I have acne prone skin), so this was big for me. This product does a great job of eliminating redness and blackheads, as well as larger zits and pimples. I ran out of this mid-august, and it was terrible. My skin broke out again just because I hadn't been using the wash. So I bought another bottle and it cleared up right away! This is very soft and feels nice on your skin. PLEASE TRY!

Feels nice, smells nice, looks nice

Thats about it. It won't clear up your stubborn acne and should no means be the only part of your skin care regimen, but it is a very nice scrub and leaves oily and stressed skin feeling soft and clean. One of nuetrogena's better products.