Fresh Foaming Cleanser


This is a must have in my skincare routine. A Superb cleanser and makeup remover! I have really sensitive skin but this product is so gentle yet so effective. Removing eye makeup is a little difficult though.

Love this stuff! Completely takes off all my make up, including eye makeup up. I no longer have to purchase eye remover wipes, which I find to be a little pricy. I use this in my daily routine along with the St Ives apricot scrub for acne. On days I don't wear make up I only use this to wash my face and it gives me a nice, clean feeling, without drying out my face.

Removes makeup thoroughly- I don't know about eye makeup though; that's what I use the Neutrogena eye makeup remover for
Leaves face feeling soft and moisturized
Cleans face without feeling stripped
No need to moisturize post-wash at night

Slight dryness after using this in the winter, but that could just be my skin

Take it off!

The perfect cleanser. My skin gets quite oily sometimes - this gets rid of all that, plus makeup, including mascara. (No more eye makeup remover purchases!) It's gentle but not too rich and rinses really clean. Love love.

The main reason why i like this cleanser is because it tends to remove all of my makeup! It get's everything off in one easy wash. What i don't like is that even though it does take off my makeup I don't feel like it cleanses my face as much. I approach it more if you want to remove makeup and then I would wash with another cleanser.

Can't get enough

I love this, it takes off ALL of my makeup face eye everything, it doesn't over dry my skin. I use to get really bad breakouts but once I started using this as my first step before cleansing my face my skin cleared up and I've never looked back. I cant see myself replacing this product at all. And you really can't beat the price.

Wouldn't and couldn't live without this!

This is absolutely a must have! I was originally recommended this product by my dermatologist because I was having bad acne problem and even though I don't really have problems with acne now, I still use this product every single day. It makes your skin feel new and refreshed. It is also the most amazing makeup remover ever! It takes off the most troublesome kohl eyeliner, gel liner, lip stains, long lasting lipstick, etc. I absolutely love it. It doesn't irritate your eyes or anything. Wonderful!


This cleanser saved my skin. I was breaking out terribly I used this product one time and it soothed my irritated skin. It didn't really clear up my acne but it just cleans well. Takes off makeup thoroughly. My advice if your going to use this and you have acne use this with an acne medication or other topical ance treatment. All in all this is and will be a staple in my daily face regimen.

Great Cleanser, I went through several bottles of this product, it's an amazing basic cleanser for everyday, it does not dry your skin out use it once to remove all the make up, and a second time to deeply cleanse the skin. it's great I recommend it for anyone with normal to dry skin.

great, basic cleanser

i have been using this for several years now, since i was about 14! it gets all makeup, including eye makeup, off with a very nice foamy feel that i quite like. the reason for half a star missing is it may not be suitable for either super dry or super oily skin since it is so basic. But basic has never been better! Leaves my skin feeling beautiful and refreshed and really helped with my acne in those early teenage years =] highly recommended, reasonably priced and all i can ask for in a cleanser!