Dried out my skin, but took care of my blemishes.

I was having super bad breakouts, and this stuff cleared it right up in a week. I think it's because my skin reacts better to benzoyl peroxide than salicylic acid. But at the end of the week I noticed my face was super dry and red. So I took a break from using it and I've just been using a toner at night and heavy duty mosturizer. I plan on only using this on the weekends so my skin doesn't dry out as much.

The trick is moisturize A LOT!

First, let's start off with what kind of skin I have... oily, EXTREMELY SENSITIVE, acne prone skin so I have to be really careful about what I put on my face and HOW I put it on. I can't exfoliate and I can't put on anything with any kind of oil. It took me forever to find the right combination of products to deal with my skin. Let's just say, before I started using this product in my skin regimen I had really bad cystic acne on my jawline and around my mouth. After using this product combined with an oil free lotion I barely EVER have problems with pimples anymore. When i apply the product i barely use pressure to my face so as to not cause irritation (I'll break out like crazy otherwise!) Using a feather-light touch, I coat my face and neck. I let it sit for a good 5-10 minutes to let the benzoyl peroxide do its thing then I, again feather-lightly, rinse my face with cool water. I let my face dry for another 5 minutes. Benzoyl Peroxide dries the crap out of your skin, and when you have dry skin it tends to itch and get irritated, (again making me break out!) so the biggest trick is to moisturize the sh** out of our skin to combat the dryness. I use literally 3-6 pumps of Neutrogena oil free moisturizer for combo skin and let it seep in, and voila! Finally healthy lookin skin that feels soft and smooth! Yay! ;-)

Nothing Really

I like the feeling of the mask and the smell. and also the cooling part. but honestly it hasn't done anything to my acne. I have been using this for a month as both mask and daily cleanser. and it still hasn't worked. maybe It needs a little more benzoyl peroxide for me.

Really does clean your face. My favorite use for this is an overnight spot treatment. Put it on and around a zit or a forming pimple. Leave it on overnight, and the zit will dried up or the bump will have gone down. You can even do the treatment for a few hours on a day where you're just going to stay home. Repeat for a day or two, the blemish should be gone. It's a benzoyl peroxide treatment, so it's supposed to fight of the bacteria that forms blemishes.

Works wonderully

Although this product does dry out your skin to a little extent, I love it. It clears blemishes in a couple days and you can tell the difference over night. Another plus is that is clears your black heads too and it is super cheap. Would buy again and again and again


This has been one of the only drugstore products that I have found to work with my blemish-prone, sensitive, oily skin. I use it in the shower while my conditioner soaks in, and twice a month as a mask. It keeps my skin clear. Only downside is that it makes my cheeks red and sensitive.

Fast working, fairly effective.

The only reason this didn't get a full five stars is because it makes my face go all red. However, it does definitely clear up any breakouts I have. I discovered it because a very good friend of mine uses it and it worked wonders for him, so he let me try it and it literally cleared up my face overnight.
I haven't used it as a face wash, though.


i cant live without this! its perfect for getting rid of the excess oil's on my face and clears the blackheads on my nose! its so refreshing and leaves a nice tingle on your skin!

Hell yes!

I use this as a mask and absolutely see results after each use. I mostly get black heads on my nose and chin area but I like to use it all over my face. I do the mask every other day and between this and my MK microderm, my husband always tells me I have lovely skin. Lol. I think this is a must have. It really helps keep blackheads at bay. I don't have other acne, so I don't know about the rest of the claims.

100% Effective

The best ever. It takes off face makeup and cleanses deep into pores. You can feel it tingling and working (: It's awesome because you can use it as a cleanser AND an oil control mask. I use this every single day.