Lightening Cream

Imparts brighter, more even-toned skin while diminishing the look of dark spots and uneven pigmentation for an increasingly radiant complexion. Contains advanced levels of Vitamin C to help reduce visible signs of aging and reveal more uniform skin tone and overall luminosity. Active Phytoseed Complex and Aloe enhance moisture while the addition of Fennel helps revitalize and retexturize the skin. With continued use, a noticeably smoother and brighter complexion is revealed.


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Love it.

I was skeptic about it at first, but I have acne scars and this helped cover the dark "craters" on my face. Much love for this. It's a necessity for a makeup artist when doing photo shoots and things of that magnitude.

Azarette D.
Azarette D.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Tan; Combination

Hair: Black; Normal

god sent!!

let me tell you i sell these like hot cakes when i visit the counters. NARS lightening cream is better than obagis (obagi clients testimonials) it evens your skin tone and prevents new discoloration. great for putting in spots or all over. gives you instant gratification and with 3 weeks of using this product you will see a tremendous difference. its amazing for hormonal discoloration, pregnancy masks, acne scarring, regular scars (which would turn darker in the sun but when using this it prevents that from occurring as well) undereye circles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i dont care if its heredity or allergies even if youve had dark circles since you were three this bad boy is amazing. i put it underneath my eyes!!!! just dont wear it to sunbathe! i love NARS lightening cream it is my favorite skin care product from NARS. xoxoxoxoxoxo