Volum' Express the Falsies Washable Mascara


Ana C.'s Review Image

I did a review of this on my blog today. I have long, thin lashes. It did kind of curl them and gave me a little more length, but the clumps were a deal breaker. I have never had a mascara look so spidery and flake so quickly. I did use a light touch on my first coat, brushed lashes and applied a light second coat to the tips of my lashes.

It isn't the worst drugstore mascara, but it definitely isn't up there as the best. Colossal Volum Express is definitely better.

Love this mascara

I am definitely an eyelash girl, I love full lashes and for my everyday Mascara this is always my first choice. I have tried so many other types but I always end up coming back to this one.

clumpy and flakey

when i tried this mascara it was nice at first but then after it sets and sits on your lashes for a while it becomes flakey and when u apply it then reapply it when you put it on it gets clumpy.
Overall didnt like it

Love it

I love how I can find this product almost everywhere and how inexpensive it is! I also love the shape of the brush and how well it works for me! I haven't had any issues with this mascara.


This is the only mascara I have actually used up! I ran out in December and havn't repurchased yet because I am trying to use up my other mascaras. I do, however, plan on buying another tube soon. I love the brush and I am a huge fan of wet mascaras. This is a really good layering mascara for me :)

currently in love with this!

For some reason maybelline has never let me down when it comes to mascaras. They always seem to impress me. You ll probably be seeing this same review from me on all the Maybelline mascaras that Ive tried.

Not the best

When I first bought this product I thought it was going to be great because I dont like putting on false lashes unless its a special occasion, but I love the affect they give. But the first time I applied this product I was highly dissatisfied it clumped my lashes and gave it a waxy/plastic feeling that I hated. It does not live up to what it claims to do and theres way better mascaras out there that do give the effect of false lashes without all the problems this mascara gives. Defiantly a miss so don't waste your money.

Better than High End

I bought this on a whim because I heard that it creates length and volume. With a manu coupon in hand for $1 off I said why not give it a go. I pleasantly surprised. It put Dior mascara to shame (a high end standby that go to every once in awhile). It instantly gave me the volume and length that I craved. It doesn't feel heavy on my lashes and nor does it flake after 8+ hours like some lines do. If you want to take a break from false lashes this is definitely the product to go to because it does what it advertises.

I don't get the hype

I bought this because of all the hype that everyone was talking about this and I just don't see it. It doesn't hold the curl at all and it doesn't even curl at all! I wouldn't repurchase and I wish I hadn't bought it either, I've only used this maybe thee times.


This and the flared version are my holy grail. I can't find the original anymore. I have semi long lashes to begin with but this lengthens, curls and separates. Some people say it clumps. I don't see how. I use the water proof version and I can apply 3 coats with no clumping. My lashes will just keep looking better and better. The end result is very long very full almost doll eye lashes. It's waterproof does not smudge at all. And comes off easily with olive oil or make-up remover. I hope this never gets discontinued. I will always have it in my collection.