Expert Wear Eye Shadow Singles


Didn't blend or show

I bought this wanting a good neutral and found the color didn't even show up on my eyelid! Terrible fall out and no way of blending with other shadows. I tried other colors too and they didn't show up either. Almost no pigment.

Not much coverage

I had other colors of this shadows and I doesn't have much coverage. I really didn't buy another one because I didn't like it but a few weeks ago I bought the Champagne fizz for only one purpose: highlight and blend colors for every day natural look use.

It's so soft that the only use I can give it is that. I bought it because it was cheaper than other brands for something simple that I need to use every day. But I don't recommend this line of eye shadows to no one.

My signature shadow

I wear Lux Lilac every day and it really pops out against and compliments my blue-green eyes. I get a lot of compliments on the shadow. It's smooth, affordable, long-lasting, and has a touch of shimmer. .


I really like these drugstore single eyeshadows. They are very nicely pigmented and easy to apply and blend. I especially like the matte ones they offer. My fav is made for mocha a dark chocolate brown. But I also like vanilla and champagne fizz for a highlight. It's a product I'd recommend.


After using higher higher end brands I find I have a difficult time liking eyeshadows from drugstores. Surprisingly not like wet n wilds that have great color payoff and lasting power. Wet n wilds I love!!

Very Cool.

I love how it's very pigmented, with a touch of glitter. I use it for my smokey eye. Everybody that I know asks me what brand & where did I get it. They are shocked when I say that it's Maybelline.


Good drug store brand. I rather get quads when I buy eye shadows but if you are only looking to get 1 color than this is the route to go. This stuff goes on good and the color pay off is good for the price


I love these eyeshadows! I have them in many colors but my most used shades are this shimmery turquoise and bronze color. Like someone else mentioned its easier to apply with the applicator rather than a brush. but it blends nicely when used with a brush. Definitely recommend these.

Beautiful Color!

I love Sparkling Wine, it is such a beautiful color and I don't own any color like this one. Sparkling Wine is a dark plum, rust, burgundy color with gold shimmer, the best i can describe it. If you're a MAC lover, many people say this is a dupe for Trax. The color does seem to go on sheer when using a brush, but when using the applicator it comes with it goes on much truer to color. I love using this color for a day time smoky eye, since it's not too dark. You get a lot of product and the price is already cheap, but I wait until they are on clearance at Rite-Aid for like a little over $1, plus you can find $1 coupons in the store usually. The packaging is nice and small too, so great for traveling.

Makes Eyes Pop

“Emerald” is a great color for those that have tan skin or want to try a new shade for summer or spring. Maybelline’s eyeshadows are all hypoallergenic and great for those that suffer from allergies.
I was looking for an aqua color that went on smoothely and wouldn’t irritate my eyes. I love that this bright green/blue shade lasts all day and is easily blended with other shades.
I first apply Vanilla over my entire lid. On my lower lid I use “Emerald” and “Tranquil Sands” in the crease. To finish off the look, I apply Loreals Infallible black liner to my upper and lower lid and two coats of Maybelline’s black washable mascara.
I have severe allergies and would recommend Maybellines hypoallergenic eyeshadows to anyone that gets itchy eyes from makeup.
I love that “Emerald” lasts all day and doesn’t crease on my eyes. The shadow are easily applied and go on like butter.
I have tried Revlon, Wet and Wild, and Mac eyeshadows, but they irritate my eyes and look flakey over the course of the day.
For just a few dollars, Maybellines “Emerald” shade goes on smoothely and doesn’t give me itchy eyes. The shade is a beautifl aqua color and gives eyes an instant pop.
I have bought Maybellines eyeshadows over the years and will continue to buy them because they offer a great value.