Dream Bouncy Blush


I bought Hot Tamale and Candy Coral today at Shoppers Drugmart here in ontario and I think they are amazing I just wish they were tiny..if your in ontario? Shoppers has them on for 15% off this coming week starting saturday..Im buying more:) For my full first impression and swatches check out todays blog post


Pink Plum is a cool, medium toned pink. A big gripe people have with this line of blush is that they're "not pigmented." These *are* designed to be sheer. I noticed that, on my palest of skintones, it can go on extremely faint, but it can be built up to be a little overpowering. I like that it gives off a sweet, fresh-faced look. It doesn't give all day wear, it looks a bit faded by 5 hours.

It's ok

I was so excited when I heard about these. I actually didn't see them on tv but on a video of a beauty guru on YouTube. I loved the concept and I was super excited to play with the memory foam like the texture. I have very pale skin so I always go for a very light pink blush so that I can build it up and not have to blend like crazy because it irritates my skin. I love the color that I chose it's a nice light buildable pink that wakes my skin up. Most blushes make I look like I'm flushed because of high temperatures but this didn't. Which I'm happy about. The memory foam texture I really liked too but it made it hard to pick the color up onto the brush. But I even kinda liked that too because it was kinda like a built in portion control. Lol it wore for quite a long time as well. what I'm very disappointed in was that the foam texture did not last long at all. Mine has turned into a mushy, creamy blob that goes everywhere when I run my brush over it. Which i expected but hoped to be wrong about. Ither then that I do like the product.


I really love this product!! The colors are really pretty and it works as a really good lip tint! I also love the squishy feel to it it goes on a lot better than other cream blushes. I hear that some beautys had problems applying it, What I did was (this is kinda weird).........smudge it on my face just the way it is it really works! It blends really well to!!


absolutely love this blush! I feel like I can use it every day, and it blends in so great with my skin. I feel like it suits every skin tone, and looks so natural. I'm planing on buying way more shades since I already have 3. LOVE!!!

Fab color!!!

I LOVE this blush. Easy to use, and it's not overpowering. It can be a little sheer though, so if you're looking for a darker color you tend to use the blush faster. Shop around for cheaper prices! I bought it at one drugstore, only to discover it was several dollars cheaper at another. Still love it and plan on purchasing more :)

Light but wonderful

This is a light blush meaning you may have to apply a few times to get the color you want. Other than that these a nice creamy blushes that are fun to play around with


I got this blush either in pink frosting or fresh pink, can't remember exactly which one but love the look it gave me. Have me a very natural, slightly dewy look. Have to go repurchase it!

Took awhile to get use to

This was my first experience with cream blushes. I hated it! I picked it up again a few months later after I understood how to manipulate cream blushes and its a really pretty shade. the color is soft but pigmented. Once it's on the skin it feels smooth like a powder and blends very easily.


It is used up very fast and it is smushed down and rubbed around. I will not repurchase this, the color payoff is not very good, but I love the light feel of this blush. 👎