Define-A-Line Eye Liner


Erin Z.'s Review Image

Another awesome drugstore fine. I use this pencil liner on my lower tear line when I'm doing a full smoky or dark dramatic eye. It has a tendency to smear, but it wears well if you're rockin' a dark color on your lower lash line. Not the best pencil ever, but it's very soft and travels well. Definitely worth having in your tool box.

Used this for years

This eyeliner is extremely creamy and easy to apply. It is extremely black and shows up that way. This product is great for people like me who line their water-line daily. I've tried other liners from the drug-store that do not perform as well as this one does, so I always end up re-purchasing this one. The only problem with this eyeliner is that is smudges and wears off easily. This eyeliner has to be re-applied to the waterline and cleaned up underneath the lower lash line. I do not recommend this eyeliner for lining the upper lash line. The price of this eyeliner is average-pricey. ($8 depending from where purchased) Overall, I love this eyeliner and will continue to use it until I find something that performs better and gives me the desired look I am aiming for.

Smudges Easily!

I love how creamy and easy this is to use! Plus, it's very black, which is exactly what I wanted. This is perfect for upper or lower lining! The only problem is that it smudges really easily, so I wouldn't suggest it if you touch your eyes frequently!

No good. Had tried this a while ago and liked it but they must have changed their formula. Now it's extremely soft and you have to be very careful when putting it on. I ended up with raccoon eyes or the liner disappeared within a few hours. Despite this, it didn't even wash off with soap when I tried to remove it. I took it back, it was too messy.

Pretty good liner

I bought this because I needed a standard eyeliner and that is exactly what it is: standard.
I only use it on my upper lashline because it just won't stay on my bottom one. It works well on the top, though.
This eyeliner smears VERY easily. Sometimes that can be a good thing, though.
The color is great!

Standard Black Liner, has some drawbacks.

I've had this liner for eons and probably should have ditched it a long time ago- but its become something nostalgic as it has found its home in different makeup bags, boxes and ceramic cups over the years. I think this could be compared to their Great Lash line- but better. The packaging is primo- you can easily uncap the lid and roll the product out of its tube- with no need to sharpen. Even with a blunter edge the eye liner nub is still easy to work with. It has suffered no damage in its duration in my care and the packaging is not only cute, but durable, something I find pretty important in any cosmetic or skincare product. The smudger on the other size is cozily nestled under another pretty durable, clear plastic cap. Because the liner is so smudgy/pliable, I find the smudger sponge only good for removing product from the eyes, not simply smudging. That's not good, and I've since stopped using it, and I didn't use it much to begin with. Plus, even though its your personal e.l. that seems hella unsanitary. And near the smudger side is a sharpener, which of course I forgot to mention/use. My b! The products that encompass this three-in-one might be good to sub-par, but at least you get a few things to play around with.

I like the texture and pigmentation of this liner. Its creamy and spreadable and obviously appears blacker and more pigmented the more product you apply, be it swatched on your hand or on your eyes. However, like many of you mentioned, and I agree- it doesn't stay on the lid without creasing (I think that's happened even with primers) and its notorious for slipping off the waterline. On the other hand, like Erin Z. mentioned, its great for a momentary touch to top off an eye look. I like to use this on my waterlines and to tight line (because its so smooth and won't tug on delicate lid skin) and it will show up great on camera. Its always been a must for me when doing a gothy smokey eye- to fill in the eye area completely with black- especially the waterline.

I find it will stay for a little bit, and the worst its done for me is slip to the lash line- but not much under. I've been lucky and had no raccoon/crying eyes with this, but it might have slipped even under the lash line and hit my under eye creases. It has the tendency to mix and muddy up the shadow or liner lining your bottom lashes so its ideal to wear it when you have darker shadow on, to keep your eye colors purer and less disturbed from mixed in black liner. But again, it will stay on the waterline for a bit, long enough to snap a nice pic, and for some, the most damage it will do is falling to the lash line- which makes the bottom lashes look darker and fuller at the root. Forget lining the top lid, and forget the smudger, it will only wipe away the hard work you did on your eyes.

Even though this has many cons, its a nice, cheaper eyeliner that you can grab on the go and have for awhile. It doesn't need to be the best eye liner on the planet to have a place in your beauty collection. Its great for balancing out a colorful eye with a little black in the water/tight lines, or adding definition to a neutral eye, and most importantly, filling in areas for a dark smokey eye- but of course capture this on the video or camera because in a few hours it will have faded or not even be there. I might be rating this higher because of nostalgia but I find it to be useful in some ways, so I've kept it around. But I don't reach for it for many of the reasons stated above.

Was I crying?

I used this on my water line, and at first it looked great. Then, I learned it was a BAD CHOICE. After about an hour it starting smearing and it looked like I just got done crying! By the end of the night it was all suudged under my eyes. I wouldn't suggest it.

Does not stay put

Like others have reviewed, this eyeliner does have a very creamy, slippery application. My skin is not even that oily but I had to reapply CONSTANTLY throughout the school day because it would keep getting wiped off or smeared. Thank god I switched eyeliners because I was spending so much money on this crap that would get used up so quickly from constant reapplication.

Not for your waterline!!!

I tried this on my waterline and I had to keep reapplying every two hours. The first time i tried it, I put it on before school, by the end of the day it was all gone.

Sooo pigmented

You know how somtimes you have to re-do a line, with this liner you don't have to :D It's sooo good. It goes on smoothly, but the only thing is that it slides :(