Prep + Prime Lip


This makes my lips feel so smooth and soft. This is also like double stick tape for my lips because it helps my lip products wear longer, but I also love wearing it alone. It has paraffin in it so it really seals in the moisture and re-hydrates my lips instantly. I will put this on when my lips are super dry and cracked and within minutes of applying this, my lips are instantly soft, shiny, and hydrated.

Must Have For Lipstick Wearers!

I have never worn a lipstick primer until I found this little gem! My lips eat lipstick like crazy and I was getting fed up! The moment I used this, I knew it had become my holy grail! It smooths out the lips and it grabs the lipstick so it will last longer! Love how it doesn't dry out my lips and I could wear my lipstick for a couple more hours! It can be used with all kinds of lipstick! I've recommended to friends and they love it too!

great product

I love my mac and sometimes especially with the matte or lustre formula my lips become a mess this product makes my lips smooth and not to greasy like lip balm does(:

Made lipstick last a lot longer.

It's an awesome insurence for your lipstick, no need to touch up for a long time. I borrowed it from my friend and fell in love with it. I reccommend everyone to go buy it.

I just got this, and I love it. It has this nice vanilla smell. It doesn't looking white on your lips if you have dark lips like me. Make sure you use it before lipliner and lipsticks. And wait for alittle bit after putting on the lip primer so it may absorb the lips. It's best use under dark lipsticks. My favorite and only mac lipsticks are rebel and cyber. I love cyber!

My Desert Island Lip Moisturizer!

Prep + Prime Lip is like double sided tape for your lips. It locks in moisture on your lips while giving a smooth foundation for your lipstick to be applied on. Also, if you lightly apply this around your lip line, it will keep your lipstick from bleeding. It is a MUST HAVE especially if you are wearing red lipstick! I don't wear lipstick without this on my lips.

luv it so much

When I use drug store lipstick it makes it last so much longer which is important to me because I'm a smoker it hides lines in lips plus adds moisture does what it says and more I been usi g for 5 months now :-)

I had never used a primer before using this product. I originally bought it because my lips would flake and dry out after wearing lipstick all day so I wanted to try something other than chapstick to wear under my lip color. Now I can't wear lipstick without this product and my lipstick colors have never looked better. I use this product with my cheaper drugstore brand lipsticks and they last all day and look great.

Great for matte lipsticks

It's a must when wearing matte lipstick. I apply it then i give it 1 min to set then i apply mt matte lipstick. This prevents the chapping that can ccur with matte lipsticks.

Best lip Primer

This was my first time trying as lip primer. Now I can't go without it. Especially for my matte lipsticks. This makes the lipsticks go on so much smoother. It helps fill in the fine lines in your lips and prevents the color from seeping in to the lines after wearing for a while. It also keeps the lipstick in place and prevents it from wearing off