Extra Dimension Eye Shadow

A liquid-powder Eye Shadow with prismatic reflections in ten shimmering tints. Impact ranges from sheer crystallized light to a highly polished metallic effect. Lasts up to 6 hours.


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Charlotte B.
Charlotte B.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Fair; Sensitive, Combination

Hair: Brown; Normal


This is one of the most unique eyeshadows ever it is very creamy and very pigmented. I definately like this better than all of the other products in previous collections that look like this eyeshadow. Good job mac.

Jaymie F.
Nice color

This is a nice mossy green pewter color. It's quite natural and thought it would look nice with greens, browns, and golds. The texture is really nice to the touch but can be quite difficult to apply and blend with a brush.

Jaymie F.
Unique shade

I actually thought this was the most unique shade out of the collection. It's like a purplish bluish color that's quite fun to wear. It really pops the color of my brown eyes. The texture is nice to the touch but when applied with a brush, it doesn't seem as buttery and easy to blend but it's no big deal. I enjoy this eyeshadow.