109 Small Contour Brush


this brush works in so many ways!!! I usually use this for liquid foundation. I blends and give the foundation a flawless look. I also use this for cream bronzed! This brush is very versatile.


This is always my go-to brush for applying powder foundation. Since the brush is so small, it can fit into tricky areas on the face, like around the eye area. MAC brushes are a no- fail for me. I am sold and will always continue to use them.

Love but it sheds

It's versatile! I've used this brush for anything from contouring, applying foundation or blush. I really like it for blush these days because it gives the more precise application. I have had slight issues with shedding, though.

Nice Quality, but overpriced.

This brush is nice quality! I use it to blend my cremeblend blush and it does the job well. It does shed but very minimally and the thing I really like about it is that it doesn't steal the product at all!
The things I don't like are that it isn't soft at all and irritates my face and that its outer hairs are splayed when I've had it for less than 6 months. Because of these qualities, I don't think it's really worth the price.

This brush is an amazing multi - purpose brush. I use it for contouring, foundation, highlighting. The brush isn't perfect though. It does shed like crazy but it only sheds for me when I use cream or liquid products.

My favorite brush.

I got this brush for my birthday . And its become my favorite brush out of all my other mac brush . Bc You can use it to contour or put blush on . It's a great size and super soft . I'm in love it lol

Love It!

So I finally bought this brush a few months ago, I had to after all the good things I heard about it. At first I wanted to use it as a blush brush but I also use it to contour. I've hear people say that you can use it for liquid foundation but I haven't tried that yet. Anyways I absolutely love this brush & right now I'm dying without it because I left it at my boyfriend's house! >_<

Multipurpose brush - well worth the buy

Like many of the ladies have mentioned here, it is a tad bit scratchy but that is because I use it with some liquid products. It is VERY handy for buffing in foundation, it helps a lot for evening out the product and with this brush you do not need a lot of product to get your desired effect. I use it undereye as well, the difference in overall finish of my makeup is major after using this brush. I have only been earnestly using it for a week and I love, love, love, love this brush!

I use it for blush, contour and highlight on my face. Great for blending and buffing in powder products. Small enough to get the hard to reach areas on your face like under eyes and around nose. Did not try it with liquid products though.

This is another MAC versatile brush for allover the face. When I first got it, the MUA told me to use with foundation. When I got a cheap stippling brush I used as a blush, contour, highlight brush. Now I use it just for Contour, bronzing it really definitely sculpts.