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Les Desserts d'Antoinette Nail Polish Collection

Complete 7-piece collection of Desserts d'Antoinette nail polishes. All shades designed for mix-&-matching and look great together!


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Cristina LTHP F.
Cristina LTHP F.
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Eyes: Green

Skin: Medium; Combination

Hair: Fine

Amazing formulas and application!

I am so pleased with these polishes. The formulas are really easy to work with and have great pigmentation. When I wore these I managed to get them opaque in to easy coats. These are also fantastic for nail art technqniques like gradients, stamping, watermables and freehand. I love a cohesive collection and these are all just adorable! I have the whole set and I can't ever wear just one. I tend to like to wear them all at once in the form on nail art. I can't wait for more polishes from LC!

Traci  S.
Traci S.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Medium; Sensitive, Combination

Hair: Black; Normal

The colors are wonderful

The colors are very vibrant and you only need two coats for great coverage. The formula is a bit on the thick/goopy side, but nothing too hard to work with.