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Lemongrass Clary Sage Peace Candle

Add a wonderfully peaceful touch to your kitchen or bath this holiday season with this hand-poured soy wax Lemongrass Clary Sage Soy Gift Peace Candle beautifully scented with essential oils. From the universal holiday-themed packaging to its environmentally friendly makeup and charity support, this candle makes a truly peaceful statement. A full 10% of all profits from this candle support Seeds of Peace in its mission to bring teenagers together from opposite sides for one-of-a-kind conflict-resolution training.
Hand-poured soy wax scented with essential oils
Cleaner and cooler burning
Unbleached cotton wick
38-hour burn time
Box and glass are both 100% recycled
No lead wick, petroleum paraffin or carbon soot
10% of all profits from this product support Seeds of Peace