Katy Perry

Purr Eau de Parfum


Smells great!

I love this perfume, it smells great! I bought it because one of my friends wore it and I loved the smell of it. The value is great, since the size of the bottle is definitely worth the price. What I love most about this product is the fact that you can smell it on my skin. Most perfumes do not sink into my skin since I have very dry skin. I love this!

Purrrlicious !

Purrr by Katy Perry is purrrlicious, the fragance is adorable, fruitlicious and perfect for a summer night out.
The fragance is perfect if you love others like I lowe you, or any other florals.


This is now discountinued in Myer Australia. Its another celebrity fragrance. Its not for the mature sophisticated ladies, more so for young teenage girls who just wanna have fun - like some of Katy's lyrics. i was promoting this for a whole day and the package just seemed like one circle stuck on top of of a large oval, nothing creative nore fancy (beside those fake daimond eyes on the cat). Its cute and fun would recommend if you're young and wanna get this as a first perfum - it is a Eau de Parfum (EDP) hence it will last longer due to the extra essential oils, its not expensive for an EDP


omg i loved it i got it for my sis and i so wanted to steal it the smell is amazing and if you see it and dont buy it your crazy

Amazing scent!

I bought this scent a while back and I still love it. You can wear it day and night, anywhere. I find that it is a unique scent in my collection so it's one of my favourites. One negative though, after I wear it for while, it can start to make me feel a bit sick so I would not recommend bathing yourself in this scent, just spray a little because it goes a long way.

i luv this scent i got a cool gift set of this scent for Christmas and it had body wash,perfume, and lotion 5/5:) my favourite scent is Killer Queen by heart tho

Perfect for Day to Night

This perfume screams college sophomore. The scent is floral and flirty but with a touch of maturing. It's an easy and fun scent to wear during the day. The musky maturity can lean for use during a night out. The bottle is adorable and unique. I tend to reach for this scent when I'm in a rush and just want something that has a sweet but not overpowering smell. The collar portion sometimes pushes the cap off and I end up closing the bottle a few times before it really sticks.

I really enjoy this perfume. Granted, it can be very strong at times, but it smells very nice, nonetheless. Make sure not to put too much on, one spritz is enough.

I bought this scent right after it came out and I still have a good amount, enough for maybe 5-6 uses, left! It smells amazing and I definitely want to re-purchase. I always get complimented when I wear it! Not to mention, it's a very good price. The scent isn't too strong or too flowery, it's a very good balance and I love that.

Smells amazing!

This can be rather strong to some people, but for me it smells great! I like wearing this more at night for when I go out rather than during the day. Overall its a great perfume and having it shaped like a cat is even better!