Flex Tip Eyeliner

A fine or thick line in seconds!

Flex Tip Eyeliner has a special long and flexible applicator tip which enables a very easy and even application. The tip "flexes" against the lid along the application and acts like a "support" for an even and steady line. A precise line is achieved without a fuss or mess. Especially suitable for eyelids with fine wrinkles.

You can alter from a fine to a thicker line by “flexing” the applicator tip during application. The more you flex the thicker the line will be. The long fine tip also makes it easy to reach the inner corner of the eye without smudging.

Long lasting formula, dries very quickly and no transfer or fading. Intense carbon black color. Should be stored horizontally.

• A fine or thick line in seconds
• Long and flexible applicator tip
• Long lasting
• Quick-drying
• Intense carbon black color
• Ophtalmologically tested