Inglot Cosmetics Freedom System Brow Powder
Inglot Cosmetics

Freedom System Brow Powder

Brow Powder and Freedom Palette sold separately. Freedom Palette comes in 5, 10, or 20 rounds. Paraben Free formula. Not tested on animals.


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Jennifer D.
Jennifer D.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Fair; Normal

Hair: Brown; Normal

I liked it ...i tried it on and it was just perfect .<3 everyone should get it ........ My friends even tried it and they loved it .. So pigmented enough to make it look Fab

Elisa S.
Elisa S.
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Eyes: Hazel

Skin: Fair; Dry

Hair: Brown; Dry


569 happened to be the perfect color for me, the pan is huge (about the size of an iPod Shuffle), and it's pigmented enough for multitasking as an eyeshadow. Lovely product.