Hard Candy

Eye Def - high def glittering cream eye shadow



i admit at first they made my eyes sting a little but i like them because they are easy to wipe off when they dry. but there is a downside..when they dry sometimes when i looking down doing my school work, i see little shimmery chips of silver fall on my paper and it's this eye shadow...so i re-apply most of the time. its great and its results look awesome, but i dont like when it cracks and chips.


I bought the blue one and I think that the wand is a little to long to control but it has great shimmer and the colour is incredible! It lasts for quite a while and I found that with my skin it kind of tattooed it and the colour soaked in a lasted for at least 2 days. But all in all I think that they are a great way to express you creativity and have fun. Oh! And they look fun on lips too!<3

Yeah...not my favourite at all...

It stings my eye lids and ceases on my lids also its very dry and falls off during the day it looks like a 4 year old out glitter and glue on your lids lol I just plain hate this

These suck

First off, the wand is useless. The stick is too long to control, the applicator at the end is also too long to control. I used a smaller brush to take the product off the wand and apply it to my eyes. It was really liquidy and messy and got everywhere. It dries too fast to work with in smaller sections. You have to apply it perfect in the first 2 swipes or you're done. Once they are dry, they flake off like nail polish. They feel heavy and awkward on the lids. The colors are great and pigmented and there's a decent selection. It's just not anywhere near the hassle.

absolutely love these!

I bought one just to try in a sparkly light gold/ pale gold shade. I forget the actual name of it, but it reminds me of sand (the color). I applied it without primer, just by putting three dabs on my lid, then I blended it and it amazed me how pretty it was! The color is stunning and the sparkles add an extra summery effect. So I would def recommend trying one for summer :) theyre fairly cheap too and I want to get a few more shades.

Small tubes full of glittery magic! I love them so much. At first I didn't like them, but once I got the hang of how to use them I bought more and now have almost 10 of them! There are different ways to use them, as eyeliner, eye shadow or even on your eye lashes!


I saw these in the makeup section and freaked out. A tube full of glittery goodness. Maybe I didn't use mine right, but they were sort of a let down. I got the purple and the silver ones. When I use more than just the tiniest bit as an eyeliner-esque look, it dries out and becomes stiff and uncomfortable. If I were to find a way to use them for more without the discomfort, I would absolutely love them.

Fun stuff!

I picked these up to make an awesome glittery look for a concert, and they worked really well. The brush is a little hard to make precise lines with, but the effect in the end is great. I'd be a little careful using it on your eyelids, it kind of makes them stiff, but if you only use a little bit it works ok.


I picked 4 of these bad boys up at Walmart a few days ago and have been very happy with the results! The swatches i picked up are:

330- Sprinkles. A sparkly red/pink color in the tube yet a more red color against my skin

426- Golden Earth. Sounds like the name of a Doctor who episode lol but is a lovely nude bronze color on my skin appears nude in the tube

329- Robot. A very sparkly silver both on my skin and in the tube

431- Miss Enid. A very gold color in the tube and on my skin.

I was very pleased with these tubes, the color stayed on without primer for about 7 hours and 8.5 with UDPP. I also managed to pick up a Hard candy primer going to see how that works with these creams.

Something fun to try out.

I bought these a few months ago when they first came out and it first started off with one... then 3.. then 5.. and then ya know where this goes :p
I absolutely love them! The do crease of course, but thats probably cause i have oily lids, but i love using the bright colors when i go out to parties or whatnot! I would definitely recommend them to people.