Photo'Perfexion Light Fluid Foundation

An ultra-light, natural-looking SPF 10 foundation. Like a veil of perfection, this foundation perfects the complexion with incredible radiance and natural coverage. Its fresh, extra-thin, and comfortable fluid texture melts into the skin upon application due to a high concentration of water and linear silicones. The formula is also enriched with a mineral sunblock and chemical sunscreen to protect skin.

Research results:
-The complexion looks transparent and natural: 93 %*
-The foundation creates a "bare skin" effect: 93 %*
-The application is pleasant and comfortable: 90%*
-The complexion is evened out without losing its natural beauty: 90 %*
-The complexion is smoothed without losing its natural beauty: 93 %*
-Imperfections are concealed without a thick buildup: 86 %*
-The complexion looks luminous: 90 %*
-Product application is easy: 83 %*
-*self evaluation over four weeks


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Elz A.
Elz A.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Tan; Normal

Hair: Brown; Normal

I Used this once and I Liked it alot ! its so Light on your skin it doesnt Feels Heavy or cakey ! and its Bild-able so thats a great thing .. it doesnt it shows Light while taking photos .. i like the way it smudges so <3

Melissa S.
Melissa S.
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Eyes: Blue

Skin: Fair; Oily, Combination

Hair: Brown; Fine, Oily

Love it!

I am really not a fan of foundations and rarely wear anything more than tinted moisturizer and powder. Sometimes I feel like I need a little more and this stuff is great for that. It is so light! I often forget that I'm wearing foundation. It is also very build-able and looks great in photos. =)