Sleek and Shine Leave-In Conditioning Cream


This stuff is amazing my hair used to be gross, breaking, dead, and just plain out not cooperative. This product isn't sticky and smells WONDERFUL! so you would never have to worry about someone thinking your hair stinks. Plus it lasts 3 days! So the bottle will last longer. My hair now sways and shines. Unlike how it used to stay stiff and was greasy!


this is one of the best affordable leave ins you will ever get.If you haven't tried it please do!I gives you moisture,smoothness,sleekness and makes your hair feel great.You won't regret buying this product.


Smells great and is cheap! When used in combination with the other products in the line, there are definite results. I used it all last year to help with frizz and keep a bottle in my room at all times. It stopped working as well for me (I think my hair got used to it) but it is great for days when I'm not going anywhere important and just want a bit of frizz control. Definetly recommend!

I really luv this! I used to get it a lot! But I stopped getting it, cause, well I have very Curly & Frizzy hair! & I found out how to control it, & now I just use moose & gel, I no longer use Leave in conditioner! But when I did! IT WAS PERF!

This product is absolutely worth your money! It is a great product to use and it stays in you hair for a long time, keeping it refreshed, and smelling good. It is a great price, I think it was like 3 bucks, and it smells amazing a makes your hair super soft! It is definitely worth the money!

not a fan of garnier hair products but this stuff is awesome and smells great didn't use it long but its worth the price don't need a lot of the product and lasts forever

My grandma have me this because I use to have really long hair and it would get tangled easily but this would help and my hair soft and the smell is just as great :)

This is my favorite product of all !! I absolutely love it !! It minimizes frizz it detangles my hair when I get out of the shower it leaves it incredibly smooth .. And the smell ohhh the smell its A-mazing !!

Its a risk taker

I bought this for my thick hair so I can have a conditioner the smell is amazing I love the smell but it leaves my hair really greasy which is a problem for me. It's a gamble I tried using less of it to see if I was heavy handed on the product and my hair still came out greasy the only upside is the smell

don't waste your money

don't waste ur money it makes ur hair greesy and dry its soo grosss please don't buy this. it runs out so quicky and it dries all over the package