Eyeko London Lips

Lip glosses in standard tubes, available in six different colors at $10 each.


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Jennifer D.
Jennifer D.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Fair-Medium; Sensitive

Hair: Dry

Lovin Eyeko London Lips

Eyeko, for people who may not know is a London base brand that I only found out about 1 month ago. I can across this product when shopping on http://www.Cherryculture.com so I decided to buy some products and when I received this product I fell in love with it. For one the color Soho is this amazing pinkish color and is so pigmented. It is a little bit thick but is not sticky and has great color pay off. When I put this on it reminded me of OCC lip tars and is $3 cheaper. The retail price for this lip gloss is $10 and you can purchase this product from http://www.eyeko.com that is a UK website and if you want to purchase from an american website you can go to http://www.cherryculture.com Happy shopping