Colour & Go Nail Polish


Krystal C.'s Review Image
Decent Nail Color for only $.49!

First off, this polish doesn't have any of those mixing balls inside, so when you shake it, you just have to believe it's mixing up. After opening the bottle, the brush it pretty standard - square shaped and medium in length - it is however pretty stiff and when applying the polish the brush doesn't seem to fan out enough to work properly. The formula is very thin, but two coats will get you an opaque full coverage. In the bottle, this polish looks like a deep blue, but once it is applied there are subtle blue shimmers in it and the color is actually similar to a true denim shade (I could not get this to look correct in the photos though). The polish is very pigmented and after removing it there was slight discoloration, even when a base coat was used.

I wore this polish for about a week and after 3 days this polish began chipping very easy, by the 6th day I had to remove it because it looked pretty shabby.
This polish is decent, for $.49 I didn't expect much. I wouldn't go and buy all the shades, but this would be great for younger people who like bright/trendy colors but don't have the money to buy higher quality products.

Faviola  H.'s Review Image

Really nice colors! Don't last very long though. Nice coverage (after 2 coats). I painted them about an hour ago but they are already chipping. For the price: you get what you paid for.

Good colour lasts around 4 days

Great colour selection but the polish itself is easy to chip and the colours goes quickly. also for some reason when I am at school writing the polish will turn a bit blue or black depending on the pen I am using.

This formula is amazing is it creamy and goes on like a dream it feels like the formula of a high end one like Nicole by opi I would recommend if you didn't want to spend $20 on opi this is a great way to save money

Not very good

I have a lot of this essence nail poslihes but just because i very often change my polish on nails. but yes the polish went off after two days and than it looks very bad. I always put and top coat polish but it doesnt make any better.


I just by it cause I wasn't in time and had to got a nail polish. But in the store I was were only essence and so I by this nail polish. And know I have to say I have so many colours, I couldn't count. I have the problem that nail polish don't stay on my nails. But this essence polish do that! I was really surprised! So I love them and you can choose so many colours... Really good!

I have a few of these.

I've never noticed any problems with this polish. It's very well pigmented, it was cheap which is a huge plus. I'm not sure of the ingredients or where it's made which is what I always look for in a polish but like I said, it was cheap and I don't mind trying out new polishes.

Love this nailpolish! I've heard mixed reviews for this but i think is fantastic the color payoff is outstanding & lasts for ages without chipping. This has become one of my all time favs! & for the price I think its well worth giving it a try. Highly recommend!

Best nail polishes I have ever used! stays on forever and only needs one coat. I have so many colours, all vibrant. Sand effect is really nice but a pain to get off.

so pretty

this is such a pretty coral pink color. its not to bright. and its super duper cheap. just add a good top coat and it last for a good time.