Waterproof Eyeliner Pen


Only a Dollar?

I was at target one day and I though I'd go over and look at the E.l.f. stuff . Every time I go I think I should try this out , but I never did untill a few weeks ago . I got this in Coffee. It works great! But It dries out really fast. So I decided to store this in a jar with the tip down. It helps alot because then all the product goes to the top . Overall I like this product and I would recommend this to a friend and will repurchase .

best $1 ever spent!

i bought this eyeliner just because i wanted to try a waterproof liquid liner to change it up from gel liner and was very surprised! the first one i bought did dry up quick but for only a buck? i had to buy more! it doesnt smear and the precision is excellent. also, it does stay on all day. been using it ever since.

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My love

I absolutely love this eyeliner, I use it to coat my regular eyeliner to seal it and bring out its bold color, it lasts all day for me and I never have to touch up! Absolutely impressed with such a cheap eyeliner! <3

Easy to use

This is the flirt liquid eyeliner pen I tried and I like how easy it is to use! Goes on nice and stays on all day. Plus its only a $1! Will be buying more!

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it so much I tried to find a eyeliner that helps me put my eyeliner an correctly and it works. Its really good it gives good color payoff but it smudges a little if your eyes are watery (like mine) but its really good. YAY!!

Sadly, A Miss...

I am always scoping out the drug store for my e.l.f products! I am a girl on a budget so makeup for $1 is my addiction! I am sad to say that this product was a miss. *tear* There's no way to control how much liner you get with applying and it's almost like the tip gets dry--like a marker. It makes applying a winged eye a forever endeavor! I've had better.

This liner SUCKS. I used this one time and it dried out. I thought it was just the pen so I went to a better store to get another and the same thing happened. The color payoff is good but it would be nice if it ever lasted. But I guess you get what you pay for. (Its only $1.00)

Good but not waterproof

This would have been great if it really was waterproof. The pen is light. The tip, I like! It did not fray on me and I securely cap it so that it won't dry out. Upon application, this liquid eyeliner dries up easily. It's great for precision eye lining.
It does kind of suck though that I get a slight smudge on my lids after a few hours even though my lids aren't that oily. This would definitely be a disaster for very oily lids! Plus, not good if you unexpectedly tear up or cry haha!

I always cap it correctly but I think it either dried up on me or there's really not much product in it. I can't repurchase since that would be wasting money. :(

Good for Beginners

It's a felt tip eyeliner, It's shaped like a marker so it's really great for control. It does dry up a bit quickly! It isn't the blackest eyeliner but for $2 it isn't bad.

Actually, this is the first time I’ve used ELF cosmetics. This eyeliner pen has a felt-tip that allows a good amount of control and is easy to use. And since it is waterproof, it doesn't smudge. It dries for only 3 days! It’s because I had it stored tip up. I’ve read from a blog that you have to stored it upside down so it won’t dry. I’ve wanted to give it a try again, and this time, i’ll surely let it stored upside down. :)