Eye Enhancers 4 Kit Shadows


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Good Pigmentation, Bad Wear & Odd Color Combo

"Tropical Fusion" is designed to make your eye look go from day to night, and contains a rich cobalt blue, teal blue, peachy-orange and yellow-green. My particular "Tropical Fusion" was very sloppily put-together, with the pans laying crooked, sunken in or raised more than the nearby pans. Aside from that obvious detail, the shadows are packaged in a traditional compact with a blue base and clear lid. The included sponge applicator is a COVERGIRL norm, with an angled end and a wider end, which is nice for getting into the corner of the eye and crease, and for packing on color.

Each of the shades in "Tropical Fusion" were nicely pigmented, applying true-to-pan and blending easily. Some of the shades are patchier than others (cobalt blue and yellow-green), though none of the shades were chalky and there was little fallout.

While the shadows did apply true-to-pan, they didn't wear well throughout the day and night. By the time evening rolled around (8 hours later), the shades were looking very faded and slightly ashy. For example, the teal shade was used in my crease and by nighttime, appeared grey. While they didn't crease, the color payoff doesn't last.

Another tidbit worth noting is it may be difficult to decide on a color combination within "Tropical Fusion", especially if you're looking for a more wearable combination (i.e. office and school-appropriate). Personally, I feel the best two shades in the quad are the cobalt blue and teal blue - they're the best performers in regards to color payoff and pair well together.

"Tropical Fusion" offers a nice combination of fun, bright shades, and is great if you're looking for this sort of combination within one palette. However, as I mentioned, I found it hard to come up with color combinations within this palette, especially since the yellow-green is too light for anything other than a highlight.

No ma'am!

I don't like how chalky the consistency of cover girl's shadows are. I used to wear this when I first got into makeup in late elementary school. I won't even deal with this line anymore. Sorry!

ill put this real simple

the colors are beautiful but they have very little payout.. the only color I will actually ever use is the darkest one because I like it and it has lots better payout then the other colors

OK but improvable

Its too sparkly for my taste and the pigment doesn't stay on for long. Also the applicator that comes with the eye shadow kit is definitely NOT the best you can find. But still, this eye shadow pallette has a nice color combination which you can't find in other palettes. Improve, Covergirl.

Ash, ash, baby.

I purchased this palette in Crystal Waters, and Ice Queen. The colors washed out on my skin and the darkest shade was still too light. The eyeshadow could not be applied on top of each other. The subsequent colors that i applies would just roll off my skin. Not to mention the creasing.

As far as color payoff, this palette is gorgeous. The purples are very rich and pigmented. I just wish that there were matte shades. Even though the shimmers in these palettes are very fine, I still would prefer one more matte. Another issue is that the shadow texture itself isn't very soft or creamy. Yes, the pigmentation is there, but it's not as creamy or buttery as cheaper eyehadows I own (such as NYX or Wet and Wild).

Bad pigmentation, Sparkles, OH LORD.

Usually, I'm not the world biggest sparkle-freak, especially in eye shadows. When I first saw this little guy, I was genuinely happy even with spotting a hint of sparkly/shimmery whatever in it. I like my neutral colors, And half my collection of makeup is full of neutrals. So when I first used the shadows with a eye shadow brush ( Mom's hand-me-down, thoroughly washed one) I was surprised at the amount of shimmer was sitting on my eye lid. SO. MUCH. The next time I tried it, This time with the stupid sponge applicator, All I saw was tiny specks of shimmer on my eye. Both times, Both brushes/applicators was HORRIBLE pigmentation. Primer was used both times. Why I didn't give a one star, Is because of the price, packaging, How layering SLIGHTLY helped but made it look like a cakey mess sometimes, and the color selection. Might buy in different shades, But not this one.

You can never go wrong with Cover Girl!

Half of my make-up collection is probably made up of these 4 color palettes from CoverGirl. They always know how to pair the right four colors together to create a well-pulled together look, from the brow bone highlight to the lower lash liner. Tropical Fusion has been my recent addiction!

Blues are beauty !

I found this 4 shadow kit (Crystal Waters) , sort of a waste. I only ended up using the pearly-white colour at the far right of the kit.. It stayed on well , and was not very expensive at all.

How do my eyes look ? Berry & Cream-licious ! :D

I loved using Berries and Cream ! For drug-store makeup , this was FANTASTIC ! My friend actually had it at her place , I tried it , and I loved it so much she gave me her extra one to use and review ! Affordable & Fashionable ! :)