Coastal Scents

Winterberry Palette

Enjoy 12 Berry Inspired Metallic Shades. Chosen exclusively to highlight, contour and add depth with the perfect amount of shimmer. Black matte lightweight case, with an easy closure that measures 5 3/4" x 4 1/4 " when closed. New Coastal Scents branded palette with mirror.

The metallic berry shades come shipped individually in their Hot Pot cases, to insure your shadows arrive in perfect condition. When your package arrives you can arrange the Hot Pots in your palette as desired. The pans are held in tightly by a magnet and surrounded by a soft neoprene padding.

The following Hot Pots are included in this palette :

HotPot #ME14 , HotPot #ME05 , HotPot #ME04 , HotPot #ME07
HotPot #ME20 , HotPot #S16 , HotPot #ME18 , HotPot #S06
HotPot #S13 , HotPot #S08 , HotPot #ME15 , HotPot #S14


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Stephanie L.
Stephanie L.
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Eyes: Brown

Skin: Olive; Combination

Hair: Brown; Dry, Coarse


I used this palette in my last tutorial and was amazed on how vibrant it all turned out. I have had this for a while and haven't used it and wow big mistake on my behalf because the pigmentation is amazing and the colors are absolutely beautiful and let's not forget the price so I say give this a try I'm sure you'll love it!

Paige D.
Paige D.
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Eyes: Green

Skin: Fair-Medium; Dry, Oily

Hair: Brown; Dry, Normal

I really like this palette .. the winterberry palette is good for doing really nice and cute and simple make-up looks. Nice for being on the go or in a rush to get to school and you want to have some eye shadow on. The colors show up really nice the color dont come out to dark to make it look you you have to much on. The color shows up just right .. well i fine it do :)