Coastal Scents

10 Piece Professional Blush Palette


I used Coastal Scents Blush Palette multiple times and for the price it is pretty good for the number of colors of blushes you get. They tend to be a little chalky, but the color pay off is just fine and you really can't beat the price for them.

Really nice

Great palette that I like to use for blush *obviously * and some color as eyeshadows ...
The payoff is amazing for colors as fushia , orange ,... It is real that they are quite powdery but I always tap the excess ... The palette have a good range of matte and shimmery ; soft and bright ; cool and warm .
Overall this palette is really versatile and cheap. ;)

This palette is really great and affordable (when I bought it was on sale for less than 10 $!!).The colors are very pigmented,they last all day,some of the darker colors you can use to contour the face,so this is blush and contouring set :)
You get a lot of colors,cool and warm,so you have something for everybody's skin type,and a lot of product that will last you for quite long time...
I love it! :)


I own this blush palette and its truly good, you can tone it down or add some color to the cheeks. You can also use the darker tones to contour the face :) Very much worth !

I'll buy it again

I absolutely loved this palette! There are blushes that are warm and cool, lean pink and orange, and a variety of finishes. They are all incredibly pigmented and with enough product in each pan that one won’t go through any one blush in a short amount of time. Nearly everyone can benefit from this palette.
There is a hard plastic case with an ok closure. I’ve taken this blush palette travelling and have yet to have it open or the contents break on me. I wish it would have a mirror, but it would add to the weight and probably cost more. I appreciate that Coastal Scents labeled this palette so it’s easy for me to tell the difference between this and other palettes without opening the case.

I'm impressed

I am so happy with this palette. The range of colors is perfect and the color payoff is better then I expected. The color lasts on your cheeks all day and for the price I paid I wasn't so sure I would like it but I am impressed. If your looking for a good blush palette then I would definitely go with this one!

I feel like I am the only one that may not like this product as much. The price is good, but for that I will stick to Inglot. I just cannot work with this palette at all

good deal

i have this palette and i often forget that i own it. i love the variety of colors and finishes. it has good pigmentation but some are a little bit chalky. not too bad though because they can be blended out easily. if you want that glowy msf look i suggest using a duo fiber flat top brush like mac 130 to blend.

This blush palette is excellent for beginners starting out in make up and want a variety of shades to play around with. I should use this palette more often. Even though a lot of the blushes look different in the pan some of them look alike when applied on the skin which isn't a big deal to me. They do blend nicely. These blushes are very pigmented so most of the time I would apply these with a fan brush and keep layering on the color until I achieve the intensity I want.

This is a pretty cool blush set! I lbs the colors and I can even find use for the lighter shades. Nothing will to to waste. My favorite is the hot pink shade. I'm very excited about this and I think I will be even more excited during the summer.