Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector


This lightweight serum has been amazing for helping fade my pesky brown spots (sun damage from growing up in Los Angeles and not wearing sunscreen every day--sigh). I like how I can layer it directly under my sunscreen in the morning. It's hydrating enough that I don't need an extra day moisturizer (I do seal it in with a cream at night) but won't make my face greasy. And it's not irritating at all. Some other sun damage remedies made my face red, peel, or sensitive, but I didn't get any bad reactions from this serum. It just made my face brighter.


This is exactly how I felt when I could not find those annoying dark spots on my face after my last bout with a facial breakout that came on with a vengance. Both sides of my face broke out with acne along the cheek and jaw line and I am not an acne prone person. I could not understand why especially given my diligence in taking care of my skin. Well after changing my eating habits including drinking more water, getting back to my exercise routine and changing my skin care products, I saw a decrease in the breakouts but I was left with those annoying dark spots (hyperpigmentation)! I tried several products but only one left me in a state of shock after about a week or so of using the product! The Clinique "Even Better"Clinical dark spot corrector! I was visiting back home and stopped at the mall with my mom and walked past a display with this new product by Clinique and decided to talk to the rep about it! She raved about this product so much that I knew she was serious and not trying to get me to shelve out the $50 bucks. She also recommended that I exfoliate every other day and use a sunblock of at least 20. I told her that I was already exfoliating every day and she said that should give me better results. Well I made my purchase and then purchased a new SPF 50 cream sunblock to use along with it and let me just tell you guys that I could not believe that after a week of using this stuff my skin was pretty much clear of those little dark devil spots! I had to review this product because I am a firm believer in it! Not only that, I have put it to the test and it works!!! I know that it is a little on the pricey side but I would have paid more for the results I got! I wish I would have taken before and after pics! If you want to win your flawless skin back I recommend giving this stuff a go! IT WORKS!

The best dark spot corrector ever!

I've used Ambi and other dark spot correctors for women of color. They were very harsh on the skin. This product from Clinique is amazing. It works over time and is very gentle. I had no skin reactions and my skin tone smoothed out nicely. I actually just posted a video on my YT channel recommending it. NOTE: You MUST use sunscreen and even avoid the skin while using this product.

Had to return it

I am Clinique's biggest advocate but this, no. I couldn't wait to get my hands on this, I ran right to Nordies and bought a bottle and 2 weeks later I returned it. NEVER have I broken out so badly with a new skincare product. It was terrible. The blemishes were everywhere. ugg. It's a pump like Turn Around Concentrate. You can not see through the bottle. You will most likely have to finish the bottom 1/4 of the product by turning the bottle upside down - the pump will no longer suck the serum out. *PLEASE NOTE this is a 12 week program. you most likely will NOT see results for 3 months. Clinique Laser Repair is the same way.


I bought this months ago and i got so many compliments on my skin after using this product. I stopped using it because its so pricey. My face started looking bad again and i just recently bought it again. I love this product so much it makes my skin feel fresh and soft. The only problem with it is that it is so costly and doesn't last a long time, but if you want a even tone skin this I definitely recommend this product. ITS PHENOMENAL

DIDN'T work for me and pricy

i just finished a bottle (30ml) and can last for 1month, it cost me like $75 (bought in Indonesia so i just convert it). before i only use the clinique anti blemish set then my skin was getting better, clearer, and less oily face. then i decided to try even better dark corrector for the acne scar, i use this serum with my clinique anti blemish set and moisturizer (youth surge day&night+ moisture surge) its like -1c here. i bought the moisturizer 2 weeks ago because my skin was very dry. The moisturizer is working but somehow the acne became worse. Before only on my T-zone especially chin and nose, but now on my cheeks too! i don't know is it because of the serum or the moisturizer, because i just use the moisturizer for 2weeks and my skin is break out even worse!! small acne but so many. i will stop using the serum for 2 weeks and see what will happen.

Works with the 3 step.

I started using this in February because I had some dark spots from acne scars a long my jawline and on the side of my cheek that I usually sleep on (go figure -__-) I was upset because I didn't think that it was working and I had spent a lot of money on it, although it was less then what others seem to have paid (bought on military base) anyway, after a few weeks I didn't notice much, maybe because they were pretty dark but then I went back online and read up on it and saw that It said I should use it with the 3 step system. I had never used there 3 step so I was iffy but I went back to the store and found they had a trial pack (yay!) it was 10.00 so I couldn't beat that with a trial cleanser, normal size toner, and trial moisturizer. I started using it and wow, I have to say the it really did help with the fading of the scars. Scars that I could see through foundation coverage can now be covered with even a lightweight foundation. It makes me so happy because when I take photos, which I have one up where you can see scars, they don't show up as much if at all. I really am glad I have been using this, and I got it mid February, it is May now and still haven't finished the bottle. I think it was well worth it and I am going to be purchasing it again. As far as what they say because it has some bad stuff about it, now a days, what doesn't have bad stuff about it. It seems like everything causes cancer and harm, most stuff is good in moderation, so I am fine with it because I have seen with my own two eyes it's done more good then bad and I am proof that it works.

There's Better Out There

I did notice a difference in dark spots and evenness but not enough for me to purchase this product again. I love the fact that it's gentle, but still, that price tag. I think for that price I can get much better.

Been using this product for a week. I see a slight change in the color of acne scars. Makes the skin feel soft and does not cause irritation. I apply it on top of my moisturizer, then I apply foundation.


Check out this review of Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector: This product gets a hazard rating of 5 out of 10! Did you know that SALICYLIC ACID can cause: Cancer, Persistence and bioaccumulation, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Multiple, additive exposure sources, Enhanced skin absorption? And SODIUM METABISULFITE can cause: Allergies/immunotoxicity, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs)?