Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel


Best acne spot treatment.

I've been using this for years. And it works great. I apply twice a day for 3 days on a blemish after my everyday skin routine & soon enough it's gone. My husband uses this as well when needed. The .5 oz bottle last a long time, does what it's suppose to & doesn't dry out my skin.

The best you can buy. Period.

This stuff is almost magic, it works so well. It's the only spot treatment I've ever tried that worked so quickly. I have actually even used this on cystic acne and it worked just as well! Like some of the other girls have said....this stuff is a secret weapon!


I use this on any spot that comes up and it works wonders on it, I think the longest a spot as stayed is two, I put a small amount in the morning and then some before bed and I wake up and its gonna.
A must buy in my eyes.

Secret Weapon.

This stuff is great! I use it whenever I have a pesky bump, and it works quickly. Just for the record, if you use it on an open bump it may burn, but this is amazing!!!


Definitely the best spot treatment I've ever used. I like to apply it twice a day after I wash my face and before putting on moisturizer. I have oily/combination skin so sometimes this product can overdry my skin. Be sure to use a good moisturizer after application.

It Really Works!

I swear by the spot healing gel. It's absolutely amazing. It's like a little magician in a bottle and it's claim to fame is the disappearing act.......of your blemishes!
Just apply a liberal amount on your blemish at bedtime, go to sleep and wake up to clearer skin.
Warning: Because this product contains salicylic acid, I wouldn't recommend putting it on an open blemish. If you do, there will definitely be stinging and it could aggravate it even more.

Works really well.

I would highly recommend this product. I usually apply a small amount of this product on my blemishes overnight. In the morning, they would either shrink in size, or disappear entirely. Although it says that this product could be worn over or under makeup, I wouldn't recommend wearing it over makeup, because it does leave a clear film after it dries.


The gel did soothe my spots but it did not clear my scars. I dislike the smell but it was okay to use it before going to sleep .

Gets the job done.. once in a while.

This product is helpful if you have an oily blemish coming in. It dries up the area to prevent the breakout from worsening. I'll dab some on at night before I got to sleep. It sometimes works for me, but I would never rely on it solely for spot treatments. I will always recommend talking to your doctor or dermatologist and getting a prescription product rather than buying something over the counter. Products like this just aren't strong enough to get the job done for more-than-mild acne.

Effective spot treatment...

Although it stings like a [bleeeeeep]. Also, it's nice now it's transparent. It's nice to 'seal' spots before applying makeup (just to keep that part of your face 'sterile'). It's harsh, but I don't mind it being harsh because it's spot treatment (unlike the moisturizer/toner from the same range, which really dries your skin).