Clean & Clear

Morning Burst Charge


Colleen T.
Great Smelling!

This is my favorite scent out of the three. I put this on a loofa and slather my body with this to scrub of dead skin. It leaves me smelling like a fruit and it leaves my skin super soft! It doesn't make skin feel tight like some of the other body bars and gels I've used.

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Ashley R.
Clean & Clear Morning Burst - ORANGE

Light scent and makes my skin baby soft, helps when i get pimples and smells kind of like skittles as my bf puts it lol. I love it and recommend it especially active people.

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Rosa K.

This seriously wakes me up in seconds! I love the citrusy smell it leaves on my skin and if you want you can put some in your hair itll last longer!! oh geez it's amazing

Heidi R.
I liked it

I really did like this. I thought it had a pleasant sent that wasn't too strong. It didn't dry out my skin either. i would definitely buy it again and i would recommend it!

Ryen Michelle S.

I actually don't have Charge. I have Boost, but I love the texture of this body wash. Most "morning" washes are thin but this isn't. It's energizing and helps you start your day. I love it so far :)

Ashley R.
Clean & Clear - Orange

I started using this after it came out and I love it. I have only tried the Orange one but it works great. I feel more awake, skin feels soft and it smells like Skittles LOL.

It works great for active people (if you get acne on your body) and the price is under $10. I still use this body wash and I don't plan to switch. I recommend you try this if your interested in it!

Megan W.

I bought two bottles of this when it first came out and was so excited to use it. I thought the scent was great. After a few times of using this in the shower, I noticed that my skin was the driest it had been in a very long time! No scent is worth all of the itching and tightness associated with dry skin. I stopped using this body wash after a week or so and noticed a huge improvement when switching to something else. I will never buy it again, nor would I recommend it.