Toning Lotion - Combination/Oily Skin


I bought it recently.My first impressions are great!The smell of this lotion is amazing!The thing i love about this product is that it's gentle,yet it works.I can feel my skin fresh and clean after every use.Love it!

Perfect for supple skin

I have a ton of toners as well as this one. I liked it enough to buy it but its rarley my go to toner after I wash my face. I think the fact that its a lotion limits my enjoyment with it. After I was my face, I look to my toner to really remove excess oil and leave my skin feeling fresh, for some reason I never feel exactly clean with this product and it may be because it leaves a residue of hydration behind. Great product though if you hate the burn of other toners made for oily skin types.

This smells delicious and is a must if you use the Clarins Cleansing Milk (my face doesn't feel clean unless I use both steps). But I find that it's a hassle to have to use a cleansing milk and toning lotion every night to wash my face, so I would skip the Cleansing Milk and just use this with any foaming face wash as a step if I really want to make sure my face is clean but not stripped. Unlike other toners, this one won't make your face feel dry or tight afterwards.