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Impress Press-On Manicure



it pops off when I wash my hands and you really can't pick up anything with it its just a waste of money never ever get this product its just my opinion I just really don't like it

I luv this wore it on my brothers wedding I was obsessed people luved my nails problem was sometimes they stick and last a week of harsh dishes and cleaning found that amazing but sometimes it wont even last a day or 2.


Firstly I must state that i have tried several glue on nail packs and non compare in my opinion. The packaging for this product is very imaginative and makes it stand out from the the rest in a store. The application is easy, no glue needed and the shine is long lasting. Once on they are very durable and can last up to a week. The range has several colours and styles which are brilliant if you like simple french manicure or a more funky pattern. Overall the nails are a great buy if you want a product that is not too damaging on your nails and is fuss free!

BIG lOve!

Ich liebe diese Nägel! Sie halten tatsächlich bis zu 1 Woche! (das eine Mal sogar 1,5 Wochen trotz 2x Freibadtag mit Chlorwasser etc). Du feilst dir die imPress-Nägel so zurecht wie dein Naturnagelbett ist (meist nicht viel zu feilen) und klebst sie dir auf... fantastisch. <3 Kosten: ca 9 €.

this was terrible!

so I bought this at Wegmans and they were terrible they fell off and it was a mess! and to mention they were $8.00 and I was so upset I spent my money on this! :(

Freaking awesome!!

I loved them!!! They are really beautiful, stayed on MUCH better than some of the other brands I have used and they have a HUGE selection of designs to choose from. I'm going to be wearing these for my brother's wedding!!!

Just didn't do it for me.

I received these in my Influenster Spring Vox Box and I finally got a chance to try them out. Although I was excited and had high hopes, I was a little disappointed. The designs are absolutely gorgeous and some are really intricate (like the ones that were sent to me) and there is a huge variety to choose from, but I found that they easily snapped off during normal daily acitivities. Things like rummaging through your bag or typing, not even strenuous activities, would snap them off my fingers. I believe it was just that the shapes of them didn't work so well for my fingers, therefore making it a bit of a miss for me. They're easy to use, they look and feel like they are very good quality, but just didn't fit right on me. Although they looked impressive, I wouldn't purchase them. :(

I LOVE these nails. They are so simple and easy to apply and it takes hardly any effort or time. It comes with 24 nails so you know you'll find some to fit your nail size. The application part is simple......before taking the clear plastic off the nail to reveal the stick just find the one that fits you, un-peel and press on. Press down on the nail for 5 seconds or so and there ya go! I got some that said "short length" however they were not short enough to my liking so I simply filed them down the length that I wanted. It says they last a week and i've had mine on for 8 days now. I've only had to replace 1 nail because it came loose. Since there are 24 nails it's easy to find another one that fits your nail. If you can't find one that fits perfectly get the next best, take an emery board or another good nail filer and file down the sides, the bottom or the top to best fit. You can totally make these last longer then a week. I also work in a grooming salon with dogs, and my hands are constantly in water, or i'm working on a dog and my nails constantly get abused. There is no chipping, no lifting (if applied right) and they last. I've already bought my next set to put on after these are done. Just follow the instructions and you shouldn't have a problem. I love them. If anyone has some questions or better ways to maintain their Press On feel free to comment on my page.

Does not stick to long nails.....

I have longish nails which are curved. I liked the look of the impress manicure once I put it on, but they did not adhere to the nail tips extending beyond the nail bed. Also, two "nails" popped off within a day of application. I would recommend them to someone who has short nails and does not mind the "fake" look.

Nice but Not so sure..

I got these and i thought they'd be great fun to try out!
They stay on really well but to be honest, they look reeally fake... i don't know if it's just the ones i got (plain purple) but they didn't look real at all!
The sizes were also strange on my nails and because they were squared cut and my nails are usually oval cut, they looked a bit weird.
Overall, they were alright and had great staying power but the cut and realness is a bit off...