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Stay Don't Stray


my favorite primer

I've tried the Urban Decay primer, and the Too Faced Primers, I liked them both a lot. This one won me over because the color corrects my dark circles for one, and for two, it acts as a whole eye primer. I don't need any additional priming, I prime my eyes, then my face. I prime the entire area around my eyes. They are then ready for concealer, eyeliner, mascara, shadow, everything! It locks it in and sets it for the day. Colors are brighter and truer, and there is no creasing, no color transfer, and lots of lovely! The downside is the retarded air pump packaging. It's pump has come off several times, and you have to pump VERY CAREFULLY or it dispenses WAY too much product, everywhere. It's gross, and a waste of money. I love this stuff though, it's worth the extra expense to me. This was nice on my lids where the Urban Decay was not actually. The Urban Decay caused some crepe paper like wrinkles in my lids, made me look older then I am unnaturally. I didn't like it, this stuff doesn't do any of that. Urban Decay also dried out my lids and I don't have that problem with this primer either. I love it. Great stuff, I cannot recommend it enough! It's not perfect, there are issues, I'm not sure if they are fixable issues though, I have them with any primer. Problems with my concealer creasing, or with my eyeliner traveling just a little, or mascara pigment transfer, but that happens with every brand no matter what I do. I think this stuff is pretty great, it's my go-to primer :)


I love this primer, it holds my eye make up very well. I have very dark circles under my eyes and it covers them perfectly and looks natural on my pale skin.

Change the packaging please!

When I first bought this I was told to only "tap" the pump so very little product came out and that would be enough for both my eyes and if I pump it down all the way that would be enough for my entire face....what?! Why would they make packaging that isn't convenient or easy to use. The inside also gets messy which is a major turn off for me. Although I still have it and use it I think it's just an okay product it's good for oily lids but after I use this up I won't be purchasing it again.


This product in all honesty is bad. The texture is too thick and it just doesn't go on as smoothly as most eye primers do. If you match the complexion of this product you probably could get away with useing it as a concealer. If you do choose to use this as a eye primer I would say blend blend blend! And a little goes a long way!


What it does This dual-action power primer works 360° around the eyes to make concealers and eyeshadows stay put. Concealers don't crease, eyeshadows stay vibrant and'll wonder how you ever lived without it! Neutral nude shade is universally flattering; custom airless pump is sooo easy to use...just a dab'll do ya! Product Details $24 (10.0mL / 0.33 US fl. oz.) The best way to dispense stay don't stray is to lightly tap the airless pump using your index finger until the product comes out How to apply Directions: Apply stay don't stray over lids and under eyes and let set. Then apply erase paste to under-eye area and any of our velvet eyeshadows or creaseless cream shadow/liners on your lids for an eye-look that lasts from A.M. to P.M.! The Pros: - Smooth - Easy to blend - Great for even out my skin tone either on my lids, under eyes or cheeks The Cons: - Packaging suck. The pump is very hard to control the amount i need - A bit too drying on my skin (combo to dry) - It creased my eyeshadow - The product might be too light for darker skin tone - As for concealer primer, it feels very thick even my mom told me to chuck it in the garbage, and she doesn't even know im using this new product. My mom made fun of me the whole day calling me the"Cakey girl". Overall. I still LOVEE Benefit just not this garbage! Returned already

I always use it

Since I bought this primer, I never stopped using it. It gets extremely hot here (up to 40c sometimes) & everything on & under my eyes stays in place. It has a very good coverage too, it serves as a very good base for concealer.


Although this is a primer for eyes, i found the coverage is not bad at all, with my light dark circles, it certainly also does the concealing.

Great for Color Correcting

Honestly, I use this to make my lids all one color. I don't really like using concealer on my eyes, because it can look heavy, but I think of this as my perfect eyelid concealer... I mean, it does work pretty well at keeping my shadows on, but I don't really have oily lids or anything so that's not necessarily a concern of mine. I wouldn't really say that this makes shadows more vibrant, but once again, I love using this before shadows to neutralize any icky tones or veins before eyeshadow.


There was nothing that great about this primer for me. It didnt really make my eyeshadows stand out nor did it make the lasting power that great either. I really didnt like the pump either, it was really hard to control the amount of product that came out because of how stiff the pump was. And I didnt like how it smelt... reminded me of maple syrup.

I'm allergic to this one it hurts on my eyes. My eyes become red i used it as a eyeshadow primer and it hurts. I saw that you can use this also as an concealer so i used it under my eyes and it burnes! I use the fakeup concealer and have no problems with it. But this one is a no go for me