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Bella Bamba


Sofie M.'s Review Image

It's a right formula for my combination skin. the effect is like, no-make-up look and refreshing. Although it is not just one swipe but the product stays long enough for regular use. I opt using this especially in outdoor activities, it really last longer and not to forget the yummy scent of benefit products. It is also good for photography during day time.

I just wish, Philippines has Benefit store so it will not cost me an arm and leg upon purchasing this out of the country. Cheers to benefit powder blushes! (using bella on attached foto)

Nancy-Lee C.'s Review Image
Be the 'Bella' of the Ball with Benefit.

This is what Spring 2011 is about. Rich rosy cheeks, bright lips and nude eyes. This watermelon pink is laced with golden undertones, perfect for Spring and Summer. After all, silver undertones are so Winter.

An excellent layering product to POP other blushers or use alone to sculpt and define. The magnetic closure on the box opens to reveal a mirror plus sweeping and sculpting applicator (with purple faux wood handle) and a plastic powder protector, it protects the powder from the oil on your brush, Gorgeous! In my opinion best for Moderately Fair to Rich Medium skin tones.

It is easy to apply, the brush is firm so you can sweep this colour from your apples up your cheek bone or simply use the brush lengthwise and sculpt to define your features. The colour is rich, not chalky. It's easy to blend this colour and build it's coverage. I use it across my hairline, down the center of my nose and along the top of my cheek bones.

Want to be the Life of the Party? I highly recommend this brightening powder!! The Department Store Diva can find it for $28. This is my 'it' colour. With the sealable container, included mirror and brush - convenience and no additional cost - I rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Bravo Benefit!!

Loooove ittttt

I love it! It's my favorite blush, I used to have this cheap one that I really liked but this one defiantly replaced it! I use it everyday, I'll probably use it forever!

despite it's pink, pink color and a little shine, which made me hesitant, I love this! Not too pink or shimmery. It's perfect for my olive completion that the box powders like dandelion or Havana just don't show up on me

My Go To Blush!

I love this product!
It's super pigmented, super long lasting, goes on super smooth, and it smells amazing!

Benefit is such an amazing brand, and this is just another product that totally lives up to all it's praise!

Wonderful blush!

I loved this blush so much I used every last bit of it. The smell was wonderful, the color was fabulous and the shimmer was to DIE for! I will be re-purchasing this product in the future!

I LOVE THIS! one of the best blushers I've ever owned. It smells great, it's glittery and girly and its long lasting. The colour comes out great and I just love it. Will be buying more.

Ay papi!!!

I love this blush it's so smooth and long lasting.
It has a lovely pink color which matches my skin tone perfectly and I love the smell too!
It comes with a cute little brush too!


I love the smell, color and the sparkles! A little of this and makes such a huge difference. Love how all the box o powders have mirrors in them now along with the tiny brush they supply. ( I never use it >.<)

Love the Color

I'm fair skinned, so I do apply lightly (you have to it can look bad otherwise) however I LOVE the color, love the smell, Love the package. LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! :)