Benefit Cosmetics

BADgal Lash Mascara


I've always been a fan of layering mascaras. I really like using a plastic bristled wand first (think lash blast) because I feel like they're best for defining your lashes, and then a bristled one (falsies, colossal, etc.) because I think they thicken and volumize and add some nice curl. My new favorite combination has been the One by One from Maybelline and Bad Gal by Benefit. The combo is to die for and they do a great job together.

Great Mascara!

I got a sample ($9) size of this at Sephora. No clumps, flaking, or raccoon eyes! I would buy a full size but it is way out of my price range, but if I get a Sephora giftcard then possibly. I wish there was a drugstore version of this! Price wise, anyway.


i dont know why people are complaining but i actually love this. it clumps somethimes though. the trick is to apply it in zig zag motion to separate the lashes. for those who havent try it yet, buy the mini kind and use that.

not that great

i tried this mascara because at the time i was totally obsessed with benefit !
so when i got it the first month it was ok but it dries soooo quickly that you can't use it more than a month ! totally crazy ,so i threw it away !
beside that , the brush is huge , no clumps and very very black , i will not repurchase another one ! i prefer my telescopic carbon black ( the best for my short lashes)


This mascara is reallllyyy dry. From the first day i bought it, until now. It's really dry so my lashes fall out after two hours of applying the mascara. I bought 2 of the smaller ones, but it was definitely not worth it.

Really good

Adds volume whist lengthing lashes- a lovely mascara. This is defiantly somethig I would personally repurchase! After trying this I canny wait to try they're real!! The wand is lovely but I don't like the packaging!

Pretty Great

This mascara is going to work great on you if you have long, sparse lashes. I have Spongebob eyelashes (super long, but I have like... 3, okrr) and this is perfect for catching each one and really adding volume. It's more of a "fluffy" type look, rather than a super lengthening formula. Soooo if you're more about length and separation, go for They're Real. But I still love this one. I love them both equally... In different ways.

Neither here nor there.

It's not my favorite mascara and for the price I think it could be a lot better.

First, the brush is pretty dense, but also rather large so it's not the easiest to work with.
The formula isn't dry but isn't wet either. It's a happy medium.
It does what it says and creates extra thick, voluminous lashes.. I looove the way it makes my lashes look.

However, it has a tendency to flake off and it will definitely smudge on your lower lashline.

So for the price? No thanks. You can get the same effect without the flaking for like 5 bucks with Almay's Get up and Grow mascara. Just sayin. :)

Good product!

It's not my favorite mascara but its definitely one of my go to. It does flake sometimes but however it does make my lashes appear to have more volume and look longer.


Holds a curl
Big bottle with a lot of product

No volume
Flakes after a while
Smudges on bottom eye
Pricey at $18
No recomendo
Not an ideal brush unless you're into big brushes with long, synthetic bristles